Sunday, 10 July 2011

This weekend is NOT going well...

I am about to rant- please click away if you don't feel like hearing it :) I promise I'll be posting a 'real' post soon!
I started my Saturday by taking off my nail polish (which was a random selection of swatches left over from my recent haul post) which really stung- I have bad cuticles at the best of times, but I'd cut my finger sometime and hadn't noticed and nail polish remover isn't kind on cuts...

Aside from a seemingly unending stream of phone calls- all from people trying to sell me stuff I don't want, or trying to convince me I'd won something- and the torrential rain and thunderstorms (I was inside, but I still hate seeing rain) the next few hours went OK; I made chocolate fridge cake and did some hoovering (and other boring chores).

But then I decided to start painting my nails and it all went pear shaped :( I chose my new Revlon polish in Sunshine Sparkle- which applied pretty well (despite being a little streaky at first) until my phone rang- I tried to pick it up and it fell down the side of my bed- I grabbed it and I smudged every single one of my nails. Whilst on the phone (I just answered in time) I reached for the nail polish remover to take off my now horribly messy polish, and instead, knocked it over- all over my keyboard! I cleaned it up with lots of tissues- but not before getting nail polish remover in all my cuticles (again) and in the patch of eczema I have on my hand. In cleaning my keyboard I'd managed to button mash - and that's when this had happened....

So I was left with throbbing cuticles, a patch of eczema that felt like it was on fire, and a computer screen I could only read at a very uncomfortable angle- and using it was practically out of the question (the mouse was all sideways and it really confused my brain...) I didn't know if I should laugh or cry... so I took a picture instead!

I took me a really long time to work out how to flip it back- lots of googling finally told me it was as simple as Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Button. I really can't understand why this is even a feature- how is it useful? (aside from playing tricks on people)

Today I hoped hoping for better things- my sister did a lovely nail art for me (look out for a post on it soon!) and spent a lot of time reading my book -so for a while it did, but in the afternoon I walked into a door frame, leaving my little toe (on my right foot, which is the most unlucky body-part I have; it's been sprained, twisted, had glass embedded into it and been seriously bruised more times than I can count) really sore- it may be dislocated or broken, but I'm not sure and I cannot be bothered to wait for hours and hours in A&E because I know nothing will be done about it anyway!

Anyway, rant over- sorry about that! Do you have anything you'd like to rant about?


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