Friday, 1 July 2011

Companies with sales keep making my buy stuff! (Part 1; The Body Shop)

So I excitedly posted about the huge Body Shop sale and a discount code that gave me a total of 75% off- and my package arrived (after what felt like months of waiting- I am not know for my patience) here's what I received:

I got 3 body butters (at £3 each for 200ml!) Almond, Passion fruit (both for Normal/Dry skin) and Brazil Nut (for Dry skin). They each smell amazing- Almond smells like a cross between whole almonds and marzipan (It's definitely a sweet almond scent) Passion fruit smells remarkably like real Passion fruits- it has the same kind of sour edge to it that fresh Passion fruit does. Brazil nut, to me, always smells pretty similar to cocoa butter (there is cocoa and Shea butter in it, so I'm not imagining it), but it also has a lovely nutty scent- delicious :)

Almond, Brazil Nut and Passion fruit Body Butters.

When I photographed this, the smell was AMAZING!

I also got a body scrub (again, just £3) in Brazil Nut- it smells very similar to the Brazil body butter, but it's stronger smell (nothing overpowering though, it's lovely) and the grains are of varying sizes so I think it'll be a very effective exfoliater, whilst still being gentle on the skin as there's cocoa butter and Brazil nut oil in it.

Brazil Nut Body Scrub.

Lastly for body products, I got a shower cream- another Brazil Nut scent (can you tell it's a favorite of mine?) Another £3 deal (!!!) for 250ml. Again, this smells pretty much the same as the other Brazil Nut products- but there is a more soapy/more chemically scent too. I think it will smell lovely when used in the shower though :)

Brazil Nut Shower Cream.

Finally, because I cannot resist lip balms from The Body Shop (they're so moisturising), and because I love this scent- I got the Cranberry Joy Lip Balm. I think (because the packaging is the same as my Spice Vanilla Lip Balm) that it is supposed to be a Christmas product (the Spiced Vanilla really smells 'like Christmas' to me) but to me it's just fruity. It reminds me of dried cranberries more than fresh, it's a more of a sweet scent- almost edible :)

Cranberry Joy Lip Balm.

I really love The Body Shop; not only are their products fantastic (especially with my dry and sensitive skin)but they do not test on animals, and they use fairly traded ingredients wherever possible. I do find some of their products a little too expensive for everyday use, but they are definitely well worth it.

Do you love their Body Butters as much as I do?


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  1. I love the body butters, didnt know there was a 75% off sale! Doh!


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