Monday, 11 July 2011

If money were no object... Home edition!

As you may have guessed by now I love cooking and I love home decoration (though unfortunately I have little opportunity to decorate anything :( )so there are rather a lot of things on my 'in my dreams' list!

Firstly, I'd really love an espresso machine (I'm a comple coffee and caffeine addict) making Starbucks-quality coffee at home would be amazing! I love this one, but at around £400-600 I think it's a *teency bit* out of my price range, but it's so cute and retro and pink!!

I love taking baths, but the one I have at home is pretty horrible, we have a tiny bathroom and a shower (that drips) over the bath as well as a hole in the ceiling (just a plaster hole, nothing too drastic) so taking a bath at home is never as relaxing as I'd hope. My dream house would have one of these beautiful creations:

I love candles, and I've heard amazing things about Yankee Candles but they're so expensive: £7 for a small jar- how good can they possibly be? I think I'll stick with my Ikea tealights (which are cheap and smell amazing, definitely recommend) for the time being...

I really love silicon bakeware, it's non stick (no pre-greasing or lining) and really easy to clean (I hate washing up!) but compared to metal bakeware it's rather pricy- and I already have everything in metal (the cupboards are kinda full) so I cannot possible *need* them. Thankfully I have a silicon cupcake tray, but I'd quite like a full set! As an added bonus- they come in all sorts of fun colours :)

And I think I really really need this cupcake tray, which makes rose shaped cupcakes, too cute :)

And finally, there is just something so lovely and luxurious about four poster beds (maybe this idea is Hogwart's fault) so my dream house would definitely have one just like this: (because who wouldn't want to feel like a princess as they slept?)

Even if I could afford a new bed like this, it would take up 90% or my bedroom (make up would be the other 10%, there'd be no space for all my clothes!)

What would you buy if money (or practicality) were no object?



  1. Lovely picks, I love the retro coffee machine, so cute :D

  2. Thanks :) What would you pick? I know, I really want one! :(


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