Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Yet another (very little) haul.

I broke my hairbrush last week (disconcertingly I was mid brush-stroke when it snapped in half...) and borrowing my sisters old one wasn't doing my hair any favours, so off I popped down to Boots at the nearest opportunity (as if I needed an excuse) My friend and I were in one of those moods (we'd just spent 5 minutes in M&S laughing hysterically at an odd looking face mask, as well as adding our own ridiculous commentary to a silent film showing on the big screen in the centre of town...) so I ended up standing in Boots with 7 brushes in my hand with a major case of the giggles, and a exasperated 'which one do I pick' expression on my face...

Anyway, I finally chose this lovely hairbrush (it took a while!) and I also stopped off to buy some little charms to make into necklace pendants (like my bow pendant)

This is the TRESseme Ceramic Paddle Brush, it is 'infused with ceramic to give you silky smooth hair without frizz or flyaways'. And apparantly it has ceramic tipped pins to 'hold heat longer and reduce drying time' I haven't blow-dried my hair with it yet, but so far I do like it; it does seem to leave my hair sleek, and because it's so big brushing my hair is quite speedy. I'll let you know how I like it once I've used it more.

I love these charms, they are well suited to me as I love both Ballet and cupcakes :) I got them from Primark, for the bargainous price of £1 each, I think they look great as necklace pendants (I'm wearing the cupcake right now).



  1. I saw these today and was tempted by the cupcake but dont have a charm bracelet. Do they look good as a pendant? Have you a photo of you wearing one?

  2. I think they look great as pendants! I'll take some pictures and post them (probably within a postsomewhere, keep an eye out)soon for you :)


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