Friday, 22 July 2011

A little haul- still no make up :)

I'm very impresed with myself today- I went shopping and I didn't buy any make up nail polish :) To be honest there wasn't anything that I really wanted, so it wasn't too hard... but still! I did pick up a few skincare items and magazines though.

I think the Boots Health & Beauty magazine is often overlooked, but I really like it; it has useful tips as well as information on new products etc. With an Advantage Card (which I recommend to absolutely everyone, I've colleted quite a few points and gotten several 'free' things with it, plus you can often get exclusive offers- whats not to love?) it's totally free, and there are even some coupons at the back too.

I love Glamour magazine- it seems to be the only womans mag that doesn't attempt to insult my intelligence, or focus on sex and men like so many others! I'm too impressed with the free book though, usually the summer edition has a nice 'holiday read' type of book (last years was I Heart New York, by Lindsey Kelk) but a horoscope book? Never mind, I like reading the magazine anyway.

These are 3 poundshop finds, nothing exciting really. Vaseline is a 'can't live without' product for me, I use it everywhere; on eczema, my eyelids (they are really really dry, and eczema prone) my cuticles and nails, dry skin patches.... everywhere! It's normally so expensive (no clue why) but this is a huge (425g) tub for £1, and it should last me a while :)

I've been meaning to get some baby shampoo to clean my brushes with for a while- and when I found 300ml for £1 (it's at least twice as much in Boots) I couldn't say no. And finally, nail polish remover is another 'must have'; my sister and I both change nail polish about twice a week, so we can get through quite a lot! 400ml for £1 is super-cheap, I would've bought two but I didn't want to carry it!

This is part of a gift for my cousin; she's just had a baby so I think a de-stress mask will be quite welcome :) Any other idea on small gifts for babies; they're in Australia so I have to air-mail it over and I'm trying to keep costs down.

This little sample was sent in the post for me, because I am a member of their Facebook group. I'm looking forward to trying it out (I love face masks) but I am little concerned that the sample won't contain enough to cover my face :(

What have you been buying recently? Any more poundshop bargains?


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