Thursday, 21 July 2011

Review: MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette, Heaven and Earth.

I've had this lovely palette for quite a while now (I posted about it here) and I thought it was about time I let you all know what I think :)

I'm not really someone who cares much about packaging, but I do like the sleek look of this, and -most of all- I love that there is very little empty space; making it nice and compact for easy storage and travel. It seems very sturdy and the snap closure is secure (I'm always paranoid about things opening up in my make up bag). Plus, the clear top makes it easy to see all the colours inside without opening it, which would be particularly useful if you own more than one of these palettes.

Now, on to the eyeshadows themselves... the long and short of it is, I love them!

All the shadows in this palette are shimmery, and some have tiny glitter flecks (but not big chunks, it's definitely still wearable) so I tend to use a separate matte shadow to add dimension (I posted here about the duo I like to use).

Top row of shadows, flash (above) and no flash (below)

The pigmentation is great (some of the darker shades are slightly less pigmented, but in some ways this is good for me, because I find it easier to build up the depth and colour that I want) as I hope you can tell from the swatches- they are all taken with no primer and only one swipe of product. With a primer they will last all day with no signs of creasing or fading- mine has lasted up to 12 hours! (as always, it's worth noting that I have very dry lids which may affect how eyeshadows last on me) So I'm very impressed with their staying power :)

Bottom row of shadows (I think both pictures have flash)

The texture is good too, some shades are a little powdery (the texture is actually very similar to the e.l.f. quads- review here) and the eyeshadows in the pan are a little messy now I've used them quite a bit, but with a primer the texture doesn't affect the application at all, and there is still no fallout (even with the glittery shades).

I really like the colours in the palette, the two gold shades on the top row are beautiful, and the rose gold colour (4th on top row, the picture does NOT do it justice, it's beautiful!) is probably the one I wear most (I use it as an all-over-lid colour in the daytime) along with the first two shades on the bottom row- they're not too shimmery and I like to use them in the crease. The last shade on the bottom row is the least pigmented, but it has lovely bronze glitter flecks in it- a great night-time shade. I don't think there is a shade that I haven't used yet, I love them all (for different occasions) and I think it would be a great holiday palette- the gold shades would go really well with a tan- as you can create lots of different looks from the 12 shades.

MUA products are available at Superdrug, and this palette is an absolute bargain at only £4! I definitely recommend MUA- everything I've tried so far has been fantastic quality, especially when you consider the price :) I think I might have to get some of the other palettes in this range too, there is a pastel, a neon, and smokey and a glitter.

Do you have this palette? What do you think of MUA products?



  1. This has been on my wishlist for such a long time, I have no idea why I haven't just bought it already! It looks lovely, thank you for all the swatches too :) x

  2. Definitely get it!!! No problem, glad it was useful :)


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