Monday, 4 July 2011

Review: Barry M Instant Nail Effects.

I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake with these (they've been out for ages, and I've only just really started using them...) but after using them quite a bit over the past couple of months I decided I would share my thoughts :)

Black Magic, Blue Print and Pink Fizz.

I really love the crackle effect, it's a really easy way to make your regular nail polish more interesting- instead of doing complex nail art or konad stamps, all you do is paint on some more polish :) As with all crackle polishes, the way you paint it on determines the crackle- a thin layer means lots of crackling, and a thicker layer means there will be less cracks. It is very cool to watch as it crackles before your eyes (I'd love to know the science behind it, I know it's something to do with alcohol in the formula, but the science graduate in me really wants the full details!).

The pink and blue are lovely, almost pastely, shades and they work well with lots of colours- I like the blue on top of orange and mint green and the pink looks good over blue and grey (see my recent NOTD for more colour combinations) black will go with anything, but looks particularly good over stronger colours.

My personal problem with the shatter polishes is the texture it leaves on my nails- I cannot stand the gritty feel of glitters, and this has a similar feel (it gives me the wriggles, in the same way nails down a blackboard effects people; I'm very texture oriented person) but a good top coat will smooth is out and I'll happily touch my nails again :)

There are a couple of problems with these Instant Effects polishes though; the product can get quite thick and difficult to use in a fairly short space of time. I keep mine in the fridge (right next to the pickle...) and that seems to have stopped it getting worse, but I'm not too happy that its deteriorated so fast. The other issue is that I think it chips very easily, I painted my nails on Tuesday evening, and by Thursday evening my nails were a complete wreck- not just chipped but half gone (although I was very hard on my nails on Wednesday, so that certainly didn't help).

Despite the slight problems with the formula getting gloopy, and the chipping, I really recommend these polishes, they are easy to use and look very effective over any colours. You can buy them for £3.99 from Boots (look out for 2 for £5 deals) and Superdrug- though I often find they're not in stock, so ordering from the Barry M, Boots or Superdrug websites would probably be easier.

What are your thoughts on crackle polishes? I have a feeling they're a love it or hate it trend.


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