Thursday, 7 July 2011

Review: Lush, A Breath of Fresh Air

I'm not generally a fan of Lush- mainly because I cannot walk past a Lush shop without sneezing a LOT (I have a sensitive nose, and heavily perfumed smells set me off) and I think that a lot of their products are overpriced (see my DIY Lip Scrub post) but when I was preparing to travel last September I knew that I'd need something to get my dry skin through the air-conditioned plane journeys and the hot and humid weather so I asked OxfordJasmine on her youtube channel page what she'd recommend and she directed me to this- naturally I had to get it, she is a skincare Goddess :)

It is labelled as a skin toner, but also claims to 'reduce dryness, soreness and redness' (which doesn't seem very toner-like to me) and is supposed to be good for air conditioned spaces. It contains aloe vera gel, as well as several essential oils (rosemary, rose, patchouli and seaweed), so it's easy to see how it manages to be so nourishing and moisturising, and it has a spring water and sea water base- which makes it smell lovely; a cross between sea air and a herb garden.

The spray nozzle is very good- it produces a fine mist which covers my face in just one spritz, I've had mine for about 10 months now and I've still got loads left. (although I cannot be sure as it is a black bottle)

I love this product because it really does refresh and moisturise- it is has a light cooling sensation, and it doesn't displace my make up (though I wasn't wearing much when travelling) It really was fantastic for air travel (I had several 10-12 hour flights) as it is so easy to use- so much less messy and hygienic than trying to apply a cream or gel. I also used it a lot in place of a moisturiser when it was particularly hot or humid as it is lighter than my regular moisturising cream.

This is a must have for travel- especially for long journeys (I think it would be great for long car and coach journeys too) and hot weather. It's available from the Lush website and stores, for £3.75 (100g) or £7 (250g)


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