Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I think it's time to put myself on a spending ban!

One way or another I've spent rather a lot during the last couple of months, and instead of becoming a new Becky Bloomwood (the main character in the Confessions of a Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella) I'm going to put myself on a complete spending ban (at least on make up and skincare products- I really cannot possibly need anything else!) so this will be the last haul post you will (hopefully) see in a while (and I warn you now, it's a big one)  if it's not please shout at me in the comments, I'll deserve it!

I've been after a Bio-Oil type product for a while now, I have a scar in between my eyes (just above my nose) and while it's not dark, and it's sort-of covered by my glasses, I still hate it and I want it gone! It's also supposed to be good for blemishes and dry skin conditions. It contains Peach Kernal, Sweet Almond and Evening Primrose oils- so the ingredients are comparable to Bio-Oil and it smells pretty good too. I found this in the pound shop (!) so at £1 for 40ml I'm not exactly expecting total miracles, but I have seen some very positive reviews and I'm looking forward to testing it out.

Boots and Dove/Nails Inc. is currently running a deal where you get a free polish with purchase of 2 deodorants. I actually needed a new deodorant, and I am a big fan of the Dove ones, so I took them up on the offer! I got the Dove go fresh spray in grapefruit and lemongrass (which smells really lovely and fresh) for £3.32 (250ml) and the Dove beauty finish roll on for £1.95 (50ml) then I got the Nails Inc polish in Copacabana (the other option was Havana, a pale pinkish shade) which is a fantastic summery shade- a bright orangey red neon colour (see below for a swatch, my description skills way are below par).

Sunshine Sparkle, Blue Lagoon, and Peach Smoothie (scented)

 Revlon polishes were on a 3 for 2 offer- so I got these 3 lovely shades for £12.78 (which works out at £4.26 per polish) It's perhaps a bit more than I'd usually pay for a polish (not when e.l.f. and Barry M do such great ones) but these bottles do contain 14.7 ml so it's a pretty good deal still, and I've been eyeing up the blue and yellow since they were released (it was really only a matter of time before I purchased them).

Revlon: Peach Smoothie, Sunshine Sparkle, Blue Lagoon and Nails Inc. Copacabana.

The Blue Lagoon (044) and Sunshine Sparkle (042) are the new Spring/Summer shades and Peach Smoothie is another of their scented polishes. I'm not too fussed about the whole scented nail polish idea, but I love this colour, it's a fantastic peachy nude colour, with some subtle shimmer (see the picture below for a swatch) plus it's the nicest smelling scented polish I've smelled (it has a sweet peachy smell, which really reminds my of something I can't place- let me know if you have any ideas, it's bugging me that I can't work it out!)

I've been wanting this beautiful book for a very long time (to me, it's practically the holy grail of baking) but it's rather expensive- the cheapest I found it on ebay was about 7 or 8 pounds) Imagine my delight when I found it in the Oxfam shop for £2.99!!! (I think I almost jumped for joy!) It is absolutely perfect condition, completely unused (possibly an unwanted gift? But who wouldn't want it?!) and I am looking forward to trying out some (all) of the recipes- look out for some recipe posts :)

This is the MUA Professional eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth, it's a beautiful combination of 12 neutral shades- browns, gold and some peachy shades. It was £4 (for 9.6g) from Superdrug. I'm going to do a full review with swatches sometime soon (once I've used it a little more) so I know this isn't a great picture, but there will be plenty more later on :) So far I love it, they are all shimmery colours, but none have glitter chunks so they are all very wearable for everyday.

Grey, Pale Yellow, Bright Purple and Fuchsia

I purchased these lovely colours from Laura at Live, Laugh, Love on her recent blog sale (I think there are still some items for sale if you're interested). I got 4 polishes and a lipstick (which is my sisters) for £9, and I'm really happy with the colours- again, they are shades I've been thinking about getting for a while- I defy you to be unhappy when wearing yellow nail polish- and I have a strange affinity for grey shades :)

Pale Yellow, Bright Purple, Grey and Fuchsia

I apologise for the terrible swatches, I was too busy popping the bubble wrap the polishes came in to wait for them to dry properly- I really AM terrible at sitting still... Fuchsia is brighter in real life, for some reason my camera wouldn't take a picture without washing the colour out- odd as the other 3 colours look rather true to life.

I am having real trouble deciding what to actually paint my nails now- what do you think?


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