Friday, 8 July 2011

My jewellery collection and storage.

I love wearing jewellery, and I feel rather naked without at least something on- I love earrings and necklaces (bracelets often annoy me because they flap about and clink when you move) and after a comment from Enigma (of Enigmatic Rambles) asking to see my new pendants/ex charms from primark, I decided to share my collection and some storage ideas with you :)

I keep my earrings on a cork board; I like them to be displayed and it also makes it a lot easier to pick which ones to wear .

A lot of them are on their original backing, but I cut out some of my own from a cereal box (just cut rectangles,  punch a hole in the top for the drawing pin, then use a braddle tool or a sharp pencil/pen etc. to make two small holes for your earrings to go) I love the ladybird pins (I got them at paperchase, but I think they're discontinued now) they're so cute- and I have a fondness for ladybirds, my 6th birthday party was ladybird themed!

My old favorite pair are the ones in the top left- unfortunately they're broken and I need to get my hands on a teeny piece of jewellery wire to fix them. The first pair below are probably my all time favorite, they were either £2/3 from H&M (a couple of years ago, so they're no longer available) and because of the simple design and plain silver colour I can wear them with anything- and I do, all the time!

The blue pair are worn less, mainly because the disks clink together a lot when I move, and because they are so close to your ears it's very noisy and irritating. They are beautiful though, I got them as a birthday present, and my friend bought them (sneakily) while we were on holiday :) The last pair are much smaller so I think they're easier to wear, I got them at a festival a few years ago for £5- an amazing deal as they are handmade and silver, I really love the swirly design:)

I also wear a lot of stud earrings, and I keep those (again mostly on original packaging) in an old e.l.f. box (I keep meaning to cover it and make it a bit prettier than the brown card, I'll let you know if I ever do!) which was the perfect size (and free!)

Most of these studs came from primark (as you can probably tell)- I don't really like more expensive studs as it's so easy to lose them I think my most worn pairs are the hearts and the roses, mainly the cream and silver ones, because they'll go with anything. The backing for these rose earrings is really handy for travelling with earrings- I can put any three pairs on and it stops them getting lost or tangled in my make up bag.

I've built up quite a collection of necklaces over the years too- these are also stored on a small cork board, with big pins to hold them up. Unfortunately it is a bit of a tangled mess, but at least I know where everything is!

As promised, here's what the charms I purchased (I posted about them here and here) once I snipped off the hook and threaded them onto a chain. I think the cupcake might be my favorite (though I really love them all) but it is quite heavy considering how small it it. I have no idea why my hand looks so orangey in these picures, and I'm sure the lines aren't that deep in real life!

These three pendants are definitely my current favorites- but when they're not in use they get stored in this cute little tiger tin, along with two other pendants I already had :) I also really love my clock necklace, I got this in a market in Melbourne, and as it was one of the very few pieces of jewellery I had whilst travelling (plus it tells the time!) I wore it a LOT so it holds sentimental value as well as being pretty and practical :)

What are your favorite jewellery pieces?


  1. love the cupcake necklace too! :)

  2. Thank you :) They're only £1 from primark- they have lots of designs and they're really easy to 'convert' into necklace pendants- give it a try!


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