About Me

Hello lovely reader, I'm Louise, I'm 25 and (as I hope you've guessed by now) this is my blog :) I enjoy writing about nail polish and make up, skin care- anything beauty- as well as recipes, home d├ęcor, books and everything else I've been enjoying in my life.

 The name GretalRabbit is a username I've used for quite a long time now- My favourite film is The Sound of Music (You can see my 'My Favourite Things' nail art here) and Gretal is the name of the youngest (and very adorable) Von Trapp child. For some bizarre reason I decided to 'name' a wild rabbit I kept seeing on my University campus Gretal. I signed up for a YouTube account that day; and the name GretalRabbit popped into my head! It has stuck with me ever since:)
A little disclaimer:
I will occasionally accept free products from companies/organisations for review purposes, but I do not accept any form of cash advertising or sponsored posts. Please be assured that my posts will only ever include my absolute honest opinion (whether I purchased an item myself or not).
 Please also remember that products will work differently on different people/skin so what works for me may not be suitable- always patch test and use new products with care.