Monday, 25 July 2011

Review: Natio Mineral Lip and Cheek Tint.

I was lucky enough to win this in Glamours May Giveaway, and seeing as it's a relatively unknown brand (well I've never heard about it, I assume other haven't either) I thought I'd review it for you :)

Natio is an Australian brand which aims to use only natural ingredients, and create products that 'complement your natural beauty'. They have a full range of skincare, make up and self tanners, available at Debenhams. There are no parabens or preservatives, and is instead packed with Vitamin E, Rosehip and Jojoba extracts; a great product for those who pay particular attention to the ingredients they put on their skin.

I have the Rose shade, which is a deep pinkish red colour (the picture above is true-to-life) with some tiny shimmer particles. The other shade, Blossom, seems much darker than Rose, and I think it would be far too dark for me. Once applied it gives a great, natural colour to my cheeks or lips, and the shimmer is only a little noticeable (which is good for me, I'm not a fan of shimmer on my cheeks.) I really love the effect it gives- like a glow from within, and I think the colour would suit most people, as it is easily buildable by layering the product.

Applied straight from the tube, and blended out.
It has a gel-like formula, which makes it very easy to use- it doesn't set immediately like Benefit stains do, so you have some time to work the product exactly where you want it before it sets. It doesn't fade at all on my cheeks (though it does fade a little on my lips, which I think is normal, what with eating drinking etc.) so this is a very very long lasting product, in fact in some ways it's too long lasting- I've had to really work hard to get it off my cheeks on a couple of occasions! According to Natio's website this product is waterproof too (which I have just tested on the back of my hand- definitely waterproof!) so it would be fantastic for beach/pool wear.

My one issue with this product is the packaging; whilst it is very compact, making it great for travel (especially as you don't need a brush to apply it) the applicator brush, and the fact that there are so many air bubbles inside the tube make squeezing the product out very unpredictable. You can easily end up with too much product being squeezed out as you can't really see when it's coming out- I always squeeze it (very gently) onto the back of my hand, not straight onto my cheeks to prevent clown-cheeks- but with no way to put it back in the tube I think it is quite wasteful.

I really like the product, it is perfect to travel- for its compact packaging and easy application, but because of the packaging flaws I'm not sure if I would repurchase. It retails for £12, (from Debenhams) which is at the higher end of what I would pay for a make up item (I'm a big fan of drugstore products!) and I think I'd be a little annoyed if I bought it and ended up wasting a good portion of the product. That said, I like it a lot more than Benefits PosieTint (and it is 1/2 the price) and because you only need a tiny amount for a good colour on both your cheeks and lips, I think it will last a very long time- perhaps it will prove thoroughly worth £12.

Whats your favorite lip and cheek tint?



  1. Very cool! I have never seen a product like this before, in this sort of packaging particularly. Congrats on winning the giveaway! Its so fun to experiment with products you didn't have to pay for!

  2. Yeah it's pretty unusual- not too sure I like it to be honest. I never usually win anything! I really like the fact that I got to try something I would have never heard of otherwise :)



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