Friday, 29 July 2011

My e.l.f. package has arrived!!! :)

When e.l.f. announced another 50% code (with order of £30 or more- see their website for details) I couldn't resist making an order- I decided that it was my early birthday gift to myself :) My package came today (speedy as usual) and I am really happy with what I got:

My sister purchased a Defining Eye Brush a while ago- naturally I've used it and fallen in love, so I had to get one for myself :) The Cream Eyeliner is in Black- I thought it would be useful for evening/ more dramatic looks, but I still love Coffee for everyday wear.

I'm very excited about trying the new Cream Eyeshadows, I got one shade, Dawn, to try it out and so far I really like it, I think the colour suits me :)

Wow my veins look blue here...

Because of the 50% off, nail polishes were only 75p... it would be silly not to get a few- so I got 10! I figured I'd probably end up buying them at some stage anyway, may as well do it at half the price :) Now I just have to change my entire nail polish storage around to fit them all in!

Left side (top to bottom): Purple Pleaser, Sunset, Rosy Raisin, Medium Red, Dark Red
Right side (top to bottom): Plum, Chocolate, Blush, Mango Madness, Dark Navy.

I would love to do swatches for every polish here, but you'll have to wait until my e.l.f. nail polish review (coming soon I promise!) The picture above is fairly true-to-life anyway.

And finally, something I've been wanting for quite a while (I have a couple of make up bag but they're too big/small/short etc.) is the Signature Case- and I finally caught it in stock :) (not anymore though) I got the silver colour, which is a kind of antiqued silver rather than bright silver.

There is a large pocket on one side, with lots of space for things, then a zip-up flap which has spaces for brushes, and a little mesh pocket for more things. I'm going away for a week ( a Pack Holiday) with my Brownie group in a couple of weeks and this will be perfect for my make up- I'm really excited about packing! (I'm less excited about doing all the catering for 15 Brownies and 6/7 leaders!)

What have you been buying recently? Have you made a 50% off order?



  1. I have all of those ELF polishes! :D

    Last year I won a signature case, I got the bronze one and its great for a few days a way make up. :)

  2. I think I have nearly all the polishes e.l.f. make now...

    Ooh I'm glad it works well for you, it's so hard to work out dimensions of online things! I'm sure I'll be sharing what I take with me :)


  3. I'm not sure about the cream eye shadows, i found the berry mix one creased quite badly...a bit disappointed...

    i just took advantage of the offer my package today - finally got my hands on the HD powder!

  4. I'm wearing mine right now and it seems to be lasting fairly well, though I havn't used primer (I'm trying it with primer tomorrow!) or a shadow ontop. I'm sure I'll have a review on it sometime soon :)

    Ooh exciting- what's it like?



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