Saturday, 2 July 2011

Companies with sales keep making my buy stuff! (Part 2; e.l.f )

As you may have heard, e.l.f. recently had a 50% off offer- and although I'd ordered from them recently, the offer way way too good to pass up (so I managed to spend nearly £20).

My box of joy :)

When the Studio Conditioning Lip Balms (with spf 15) first came out in th UK, I managed to convince myself that I had lots of lipbalms (I have a bit of a lip balm addiciton) so I didn't need them. However, after seeing several reviews and swatches, I simply had to have them!

(top) Peaceful Pink, Mellow Melon, (bottom) Nice & Natural, Blissful Berry.

(top) Peaceful Pink, Mellow Melon, (bottom) Nice & Natural, Blissful Berry.

My first impression of these is that they are awesome- they smell really nice (I can't place what they smell of though) and they feel really moisturising- plus they are well pigmented, giving a nice sheer colour on the lips.

(Studio) Powder Brush, and (regular line) Foundation brush.

This Powder Brush is the softest thing I've ever felt (it's even softer than Nibbles!) and after I unpacked my box I spent a good 10 minutes just stroking my face with it (I'm not alone either, several people on the e.l.f. facebook fan page do it too!) I bought the foundation brush mainly for applying face masks- I love using face masks, but I hate using my fingers to apply them- product gets stuck between my fingers and it never gets applied evenly. (I have the house to myself tonight so I'll be using a face mask and testing my brush, watching a film and eating chocolate :)

These are the mini eyelash curlers (from the studio range) which I got beacuse I have really straight (but long) lashes, and sometimes my usual curlers (which I love, and are irreplaceable) can't get to the corner lashes properly.

(row 1) Clear, Pearl, (2) Glitter Glam, Pearl Pink, (3) Metal Madness, Fair Pink
(4) Passion Pink (which is a LOT pinker in real life), Light Pink.
No flash.

With flash. The colours aren't so accurate but it
shows off the lovely pearl and glitter effects.

I love e.l.f. polishes, and thanks to Ida Pie's e.l.f. polish swatches (yes I'm blaming you entirely! :p ) I chose some more shades I had to get my hands on (for 75p!) I've not worn any of these polishes yet (I'm still sporting a heavily chipped random colour and crackle combination) but I love the colours :)

Did you get anything with the 50% off offer?



  1. elf studio brushes are the best i have ever used xx

  2. This is the first studio brush I've purchased (I love the regular line ones though) I'm excited to try it out properly :)

  3. The powder brush is fantastic for powders and liquids, have three! I wanted to do a order for the 50% off but they were out of stock on things I wanted :(

  4. I'm LOVING mine so far too :) To be honest it's probably a good thing they were out of stock of some things- I bought enough things as it is!


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