Friday, 15 July 2011

Nail of the Day: an e.l.f. Pink Cheetah Print :)

I was feeling indecisive (you know, for a change...) so I spent a while poring over my Konad plates for inspiration. I chose the cheetah print as I've never used it before (my sister has though) and decided that I'd use some of my new e.l.f. polishes (you can see my most recent e.l.f. haul here). Here is the result: (I got excited and took quite a lot of pictures!)

I used Light Pink as a base- it's a lovely colour, I hadn't noticed before that it has a subtle shimmer to it (It did take 3 coats to get full coverage though, it would probably be better over the top of a more opaque shade of pink) Then I used my Konad M57 plate- the top left image- with Passion Pink (a great bright pink with a bit of a goldish shimmer) to create the cheetah print design :) I topped it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, as Konad prints tend to make polishes appear somewhat dull.  

I really love the colour combination with the cheetah print; from a distance it almost looks plain pink, then up close you can see the awesome pattern :) I really haven't stopped staring at my nails since I did them!

Are you a fan of Konad stamps? (I know I am!)



  1. I Love Love LOVE KONAD stamps :D I can't really keep up anymore because they're quite expensive :'( But I recently purchased some Bundle Monster plate so it's all good :D x

  2. Ok, so Konad plates have completely passed me by - how?! :) i think i have to investigate!

  3. I know, this is the only 'real' Konad plate I have- ebay and bundlemonster plates so much cheaper! :)

    Jo you should definitely get some- they're so much fun! (and great for the artistically challenged like me!) ebay and bundlemonster plates are the best and cheapest :)



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