Monday, 18 July 2011

Review: e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter!

If you've seen any of my 'currently loving' posts, you will know that this little gem has appeared in every single one, as I said in my most recent currently loving post I'm quite confused as to why I've not yet reviewed it!

This was one of the first items I purchased when the studio line was released here in the UK, and I've repurchased it several times since- basically I LOVE it :)

Each end has a doe-foot/spongy applicator which is easy to use with the concealing and highlighting liquids. The packaging is good too; it has a nice sleek design, and it's compact and sturdy for travel (another thing that survived for 3 months in my travel backpack)

First of all, for the concealer end:

I have rather dark blue/purple toned under eye circles and I think my glasses can sometimes accentuate them, so it's really important to me to keep them hidden! I have the lightest shade (glow/fair) and I think it suits me well. (the picture below looks rather orange, and I have no clue why, or how I change it!, it's also worth noting that this swatch is on the inside of my wrist, which is super-duper pale even compared to my face- the colour is honestly a good match. I just fail at photography apparently...)

I really like the liquidy formula as it means that the product doesn't look cakey or heavy, even as it settles into the fine lines around my eyes (which I think is an inevitability with under eye products- not a fault of this product) It's also really easy to apply and blend in with my ring finger. The salmoney tones to it help to eliminate the blue colour in my skin, and the product really does conceal my under eye circles effectively. It lasts very well throughout the day- especially impressive as I don't usually set it with a powder- without signs of fading or creasing into my fine lines. Overall- a very effective under eye concealer I look dead without it :)

I don't tend to use the highlighter end that much, which is a little annoying as I now have a half full tube of highlighter, as well as another one on the end of my current concealer end. (Luckily I realised that the black plastic piece in between the two little tubes can be split, and I've now joined up my old highlighter with the new concealer.)

Despite the fact I don't use it all the time (unlike the concealer) it is a very good highlighter; it has a small amount of shimmer to it, but gives a nice subtle highlight. I like to use it as a brow highlight and occasionally on my cheeks. I wish I could say more, but I'm generally I'm not too fussed about highlighting (so I do quite wish e.l.f. would come out with the concealer- in a larger tube- with no highlighter) I'd imagine someone who enjoys highlighters more than me would love this. Overall- it's a great product, but it's not something I use frequently.

What is your favorite under eye concealer?


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