Thursday, 28 July 2011

Whats in my bag!

This tag has been going around on YouTube for a long time now, and I love seeing what everyone keeps in their bags (I'll admit, I'm nosey) and after a thread on beautylish (which you should join, it's fun!) I thought I'd let you all have a nosey into my bag :)

My bag is from Topshop; I got it a while ago (probably 3 years?) for around £30- £40 -so I think it's well worth the money :) It's a lovely deep blue (which pretty much goes with anything) faux leather- great for me as I try my best to avoid animal products- and is big enough to haul all of my stuff around (I used this at uni and it fitted all manner of dance shoes, work folders and food in it) I really like the 'origami' sides, and the fact that it has 2 zip pockets (one on the outside, as you can see, and another inside) to keep smaller items safe.

The absolute 'will not leave the house without' items are: my phone (a Samsung somethingorother) my diary- I am super organised but a little forgetful so I write everything down, my purse (£6 from New Look) house and car keys, and a bottle of water (I like to keep a bottle in the fridge so I always have a cold one ready)

I don't tend to carry much in the way of make up, but there are some beauty related things I wont go out without: hand cream (especially in the winter) I have a review of this one here- I really love it :) a little pot of vaseline (in the clear tub), Carmex, some E45 (white pot with the swirly nail polish design) a stubby e.l.f. eyeliner in Noire, and an emery board (I got this from primark, and it came with its own case) If I'm wearing a certain lip product I'll take that with me too, but otherwise I generally trust my make up to stay on without touch-ups :)

I am well known by my friends as being the prepared one- I always carry a tiny 'first aid' kit with me, in a little pouch I made myself- it includes: plasters, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitiser, a few paracetamol, hay fever tablets (I always forget to take mine...) and safety pins (surprisingly useful for wardrobe malfunctions, splinters etc.)

Plus, I always have some tissues (I'm usually suffering from either allergies, a cold or heavily perfumed shops making my sneeze!) a miniature hair brush and a pencil case which contains a couple of pens and pencils, some random seashells I collected in Fiji last year (no idea why they're still in there...) and a postage stamp (again, no idea why it's there, it just is.)

In a combination of practicality and wishful thinking- I like to carry around both an umbrella and suncream (just in case) Finally, this is a little foldaway shopping bag, which is really handy to use instead of plastic bags from shops- my attempt to make shopping more environmentally friendly.

So what's in your bag? I tag everyone reading this to post their own, especially all my lovely GFC followers :) Let me know if you post one- I'd love to have a nosey!


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