Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nail of the Day: e.l.f. Champagne and some Konading!

I think I'm becoming a little addicted to Konad, I've just about cracked the application technique and I love all the patterns I can do, despite the fact that I'm artistically challenged!

I couldn't choose between these two pictures, so I added both!

I used e.l.f. Champagne (why is it called champagne, I thought that was clear/yellowy? anyone have a clue?) as a base, I love this colour, it's slightly shimmery and two coats covers the nails nicely. Then I used e.l.f. Black with plate m38 to stamp this lovely patten (the bottom stamp in the picture) on my nails. The random positioning on the thumb wasn't really planned; I put the stamp far too low down, so added another at the top to balance it out- but I do quite like it :)

Look out for a post on Konad tips soon :)

On a side note, I saw Harry Potter today- as a devoted fan of the books I'm always hyper-critical of the films, especially if anything is changed from the book. However, I really loved this film- I cried (my e.l.f. cream eyeliner held out though!) - and I'm sad it's all over (JKR needs to write some more books!)

Have you seen Harry Potter yet?



  1. Super pretty nails! Yea, I'd assume "champagne" would be a light gold color lol. Then again, I have a color called "Toffee" or something and its a red, so who knows...=p

  2. looking forward to seeing your konad tips. I also have a set and for the life of me cant seem to get it figured out!!
    anywho, love the design and color!!

  3. So ELF comes out fine with Konad? So glad I've seen this! None of the polishes I've tried work with mine, I very almost caved and forked out for Konad special nail varnish but will try ELF now! xx

  4. Melanie, it's like they randomly assign names sometimes!

    Thank you, I think it mainly boils down to practise but I'll share my 'knowledge' soon!

    Yep, I've never had a problem with e.l.f. polishes and konad stampers (I've never even used a special polish) Not sure I've stamped with any other brands though- I'll have to experiment!


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