Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas tag!!!

As I'm feeling perhaps a little *too* festive (seriously, I'm worse than an excited 5 year old- it's getting ridiculous!) I thought I might try and get it out of my system with a fun Christmas tag. I couldn't find a whole tag post I liked- so this is a mish-mash of all my favourite questions (and some I made up myself) :)

1) What are you doing for Christmas this year?
(As usual) I'll be spending it at home with family, probably eating too much food then playing board games in the afternoon :) Ooh and watching the Doctor Who Christmas special (which I am excessively excited about!)

2) When (and how) do you open your Christmas presents?
My family always open ours on Christmas morning- but only after everyone has eaten breakfast, gotten dressed and cracked open the bucks fizz- it's usually about 11am before any presents get opened. We always try to have everyone opening one present at a time so we can see what everyone gets (but it usually doesn't work out that way.)

3) What's your favourite Christmas film?
Love Actually, and The Snowman :)

4) What's the weirdest gift you've ever been given?
Probably a bicycle repair kit- though in all fairness it given to me when I was cycling to college and back every day, so it was a practical gift...
4b) A weird gift that I've sent: My sister once accidentally wrote 'a microwave' on her Christmas list (I think she heard someone say microwave as she was writing and automatically wrote it) so I got a huge box and filled it with bubble wrap and lots of pictures of microwaves (cut out from catalogues etc.) I also put some stones in to make it feel heavy and more interesting. Her face was a picture when she opened it, and everyone was crying with laughter!

5) What's your favourite Christmas song?
Wham! Last Christmas (I love all the old Christmas songs, we have a Christmas album that is probably as old as I am- that album IS Christmas for me :) )

6) Do dress up or dress down for Christmas day?
Dress up! (any excuse really, but as it's a special day we always try and make an effort)

7) What's your favourite Christmas colour?
Not really a colour... but glitter! There is an abundance of sparkly things around this time of year and I LOVE it! I guess colour would really be silver (because it's the shiniest)

8) Candy cane or gingerbread man?
Gingerbread man! I'm contemplating making a gingerbread house this year too :)

9) What's your favourite Christmas smell?
Spicy and fruity scents- like cinnamon and Christmas pudding.

10) What is top of your Christmas list this year?
That's a really difficult one actually- I'm rubbish at thinking of things people can buy me (There are several nail polishes on my eBay watch list, but there's no way I can ask my Granny for those, she has trouble with freeview TV- imagine her on eBay!) so I'm hoping I'll get some money, that way I can buy various things in the boxing day sales and online :)

11) What's your favourite Christmas food?
Christmas pudding, or mince pies, or maybe just those huge boxes of chocolates...

12) What's your favourite Christmas drink?
 Baileys (I like it all year round, but we always seem to drink it a lot over Christmas- I blame my Grandma!)

13) What's your favourite Christmas past time?
Aside from Christmas TV (so many Christmas specials! And playing with gifts (my sister will be getting the new Lego Harry Potter game) around Christmas time we always play a lot of board games, we have a huge collection of them, and we usually spend all of Christmas afternoon playing something or another :)

14) If you could only buy one Christmas present this year, who would you give it to?
My sister, she's still young enough that Christmas presents are still really important to her :)

15) What is most important to you about Christmas?

Spending some quality time with my friends and family (the fact that we get presents and tonnes of food is just a very welcome bonus!)

So I tag all of you to share your Christmas favourites and traditions- I love hearing how other people spend their day :)

21 DAYS TO GO!!! :)



  1. aw, I love reading about other peoples Christmas traditions. x

  2. Me too :) That's why I posted this- I want other people to do the tag too (I hope you will!)

  3. This was lovely!! :D Thank you for sharing. ^-^

  4. Thank you, glad you liked it- you should post yours too! :)


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