Friday, 9 December 2011

'Christmas shopping' is dangerous...

So I went Christmas shopping on Tuesday, and while I did get quite a few gifts for other people (which although I'm excited about them, I can't show you in case the recipients see!) I seem to have bought quite a few things for myself too- oops!

First up is a selection of 17 goodies. I've been thinking about getting one of the new 17 Wild Metallics Eyes cream eyeshadows for a little while now, and after seeing many mixed reviews (some say they crease like mad, others totally rave about them) I figured I'd just take the plunge and see for myself- and at £3.99 I've not lost much even if I hate it (though I've worn it today- and so far so good!)

I also bought another 17 Magnetised Nail Polish in Blue, as a birthday gift for one of my sisters friends. 17 are currently running another gift with purchase set (when you buy any 2 17 items)- this time it's the 'electric disco' set: a little pouch with 3 nail polishes and a nail file inside. (see further down for all my nail polish swatches.)

17 Nail extras Glitter Top Coat, and Fast Finish polishes in Nightshade and Risky Red.

The lovely advantage card machine also gave me a voucher for a free 17 Hide and Chic Eye Brightening Concealer (again, with purchase of one 17 item) worth £4.99! So I picked up Light Rose- which seems a pretty good for my skin tone- though there were only 3 to choose from (darker skinned people may have trouble.) It's well matched enough that it will blend nicely and cover up my under eye circles, whilst being nice and brightening :)

Another thing I've been lusting after for a while is Barry Ms Red Glitter Nail Paint, I'm not usually the biggest wearer of red nail polish, but glitter I LOVE in any shade :) I also picked up another Barry M polish (which I can't show you, it's for Amy for Christmas and she might see it!) which meant that I could get a free Limited Edition (exclusive to Boots) Silver Glitter Nail Paint too. I have no idea why it's limited edition, surely silver glitter should be a standard colour...? I'm also a little confused as to why it has a holographic lid- the polish is just plain silver... Anyway, I'm in glitter nail polish heaven!!!

Barry M Nail Paints in Red Glitter and Ltd Edition Silver Glitter

I also struck gold in my local poundland, they had a whole range of Revlon polishes! These are both matte shades, and they both seem to have some (muted) shimmer in them- both beautiful shades that scream Christmas at me, and I really could not resist.

Revlon Matte Polishes in Emerald City and Ruby Ribbon

Time for some polish swatches! (why yes I AM holding a Christmas tree ornament!) Sorry for the numerous dents in my polish (and the poor clean up)- apparently I flailed my hands around a lot before the polish had chance to properly dry...

Thumb: 17 Risky Red (ONE coat!!!),
Fingers, Left to Right: Revlon Ruby Ribbon and Emerald City (2 coats each)
and Barry M Red Glitter and Silver Glitter (2 coats each)

Top to Bottom: 17 Nightshade (3 coats, not such a good polish), 17 Risky Red with
Barry M Red Glitter (1 coat of each- a match made in heaven)
and 17 Glitter Top Coat (this one reminds me a little of e.l.f. Twinkle)

 I also got something that isn't actually nail polish or make up (shock horror!)

I found this scented candle in Primark for the bargainous price of one whole pound! I'd seriously pay that much for the cute little jar (once I've used the candle I'll definitely be keeping that jar for storage!) and it really smells amazing- it's a rich and warm scent, not sweet like vanilla cakes as I'd expected :)

And last but not least, I went on a little food shopping trip this morning and I picked up a Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm- it was on sale in Asda for £3 (I think it's usually £3.99) and I've been after an eye cream for a while, especially now my skin is super dry thanks to the winter weather and central heating. The Simple one is great for me as it's full of lovely ingredients, and hopefully nothing that will irritate my eye area, which is the most sensitive part of my face :)

What have you been purchasing recently? Is Christmas shopping as dangerous for you? I cannot seem to help myself buying things for me!!!



  1. You purchased some great products, I love the nail polishes-great colors!

  2. Lovely nail colours!! Also, that is such a cool ornament! I bet that candles smells wonderful (*loves vanilla*).

    I finished buying Christmas presents (so early for me!) so that has been my most recent purchases. That and nail polish for myself *tee-hee* I couldn't help it! Lol.

    Lovely lovely polishes! And that cream eyeshadow is a gorgeous colour too!

  3. Might have to have a look in to the rest of the 17 range. Mainly I just looked at the polish. Never bought one of those candles, wasn't sure if it would smell throughout the candle when burning or not.

  4. Thanks Chantel- I'm sure they'll be popping up in NOTD posts soon :)

    Ashelesha we've had that heart ornament for as long as I can remember! Wow that IS early- I'm nowhere near done!

    Enigmas you really should- I think they're quite overlooked and they have some great things :)



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