Monday, 5 December 2011

Challenge Week 10: Winter!!!

Now it's December (and it's always flippin freezing!) winter is well and truly upon us- and what better way to celebrate that than by decorating our nails- naturally this weeks 52 Week Nail Challenge theme is winter.

Despite being called Blue Lagoon- Revlon's lovely shimmery blue is also perfect for wintry nails, so I started with 2 coats on every nail. Then I coated my ring finger with an old clear coat, and used the pointy end of an orange stick to place glitter (the awesome glitter I posted about here) all over it. It didn't actually take that long, but I did get glitter absolutely everywhere!

In real life the glitter generally shows more of a pale blue/pale green colour, but I just couldn't get my camera to cooperate... So here's a really pants picture that shows the true colour a little better.

As always, I wasn't quite content with just the crazy glitter, and decided to do some snowflake stamping too :) I used my m52 plate to do several little snowflake motifs on each nail- first with Models Own Snow White (it didn't show up too well on camera but I liked the extra depth and dimension it gave) and then I used Barry M Foil Effect in Silver over the top. Finally I decided to use e.l.f. Pearl on my thumbnail; one coat was sheer enough to show Blue Lagoon through and it transformed it into a beautiful icy blue.


I am completely in love with this glitter, although it doesn't photograph too well it does look amazing on my nails- I'll definitely be doing some more things with glitter (I've got many other colours stored away in craft boxes) as I was pleased with how easy it actually is (cleaning up the mess, on the other hand, is rather hard!)

Snowflakes on plate m52.
Revlon Blue Lagoon (scented) Models Own Snow White,
e.l.f. Pearl and Barry M foil effect in Silver.

Sorry this post is up so late, it's taken me freakin ages to sort through the 100 or so photos I took... Plus I kept getting sidetracked by twitter....

Have you done any winter themed manis yet? What do you think of my attempt?



  1. *LOVE*!!! This is wonderful! Wow, is Blue Lagoon ever beautiful with this manicure! I love how you used the glitter!! ^_^ I need to get some larger glitter like that too! Fantastic mani!!

  2. Awww I love the snow flakes, it looks so pretty! :D xx

  3. @Ashesela I know, it seems so funny that it has such a sumery name! Yyou should, it was so much fun (and I love how sparkly it is!) Thank you :)

    @ScienceGeek Thank you, I swear I used that stamp about 50 times today! :)


  4. Thank you- I can't stop staring at it (it's very distracting!)


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