Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nail of the Day: Christmas Presents! :)

I wanted to do some more Christmassy themed nails-  any excuse for something glittery- and as I was wrapping my presents yesterday (woohoo they're all done!) I decided to use presents as my nail art inspiration :) I used a selection of lovely shimmery and glittery shades as wrapping paper colours, then added glittery lines as the 'ribbon', and a bow shape accent (drawn with a small nail art brush) on my middle finger!

I love this look- so festive, and insanely easy to do! I am SO glad I discovered the awesome glitter eyeliner trick, it's perfect for Christmassy nails but I can guarantee I'll be using it all year!

I used:

Revlon Ruby Ribbon, Models Own Pro Midnight Blue, 17 Risky Red,
Barry M Red Glitter, Revlon Emerald City and Facets of Fuchsia,
 Barry M Silver foil.

Collection 200 Glam Crystals in Glitz (silver)
MUA Glitter Eyeliner in shade 6 (pink) 2 (gold) 10 (black)

I layered the Red Glitter over Risky Red to create a slightly less glittery look, and to make it (hopefully) easier to remove.

Are you sporting something festive and glittery on your nails at the moment?


p.s. 3 sleeps until Christmas!!!

p.p.s. My sister and I got two new pet rats today- we've named them Gandalf (an albino) and Dumbledore (white with grey/beige patches) they're not ready to be properly handled yet, but as soon as they are I'll be taking tonnes of pictures and sharing them with you :)


  1. This is sooo cute!! XD I love how festive this is! :D

  2. Thank you :) Me too- I cannot get enough of Christmas nails!!!!


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