Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nail of the Day: Simple Greens :)

I spent a while deciding what to paint my nails with this weekend (this is a scheduled post- I'm typing this on Friday evening to post on Saturday) as it's going to be/ is quite a busy one- I have a full Saturday of crafts with my Brownies, then I'm off to London in the evening to visit some uni friends for a birthday (maybe this time I'll remember my camera and take pictures of the awesome Lego tree at St. Pancras!)

Anyway I wanted something simple, but at the same time- simple is kinda boring. I was looking through my nail polishes for inspiration and the beautiful China Glaze For Audrey called to me; I noticed it sitting next to No7 Dollar- and I thought they went quite well together- Dollar seems to bring out the green in For Audrey :)

I used just one (thickish) coat of For Audrey, and two coats of Dollar on my ring fingers :) I'm not sure it shows up in the pictures or not, but with Dollar For Audrey really does look way more green- it's so beautiful! Dollar is another great No7 polish- it's a lovely green with tiny lighter green shimmer particles (which sometimes look kinda turquoise/blue in certain lights) it's a great one to get if/when Boots start their £5 off No7 vouchers again :)

What's on your nails at the moment?



  1. For Audrey is so cute <3 I definitely want this color, its on my wishlist haha.

    I'm wearing Skull and Glossbones with Glitzerland on top, with tips of Rainbow Connection. Its for the 'winter' the of the 52 week challenge but I haven't updated my blog with it yet

    PS you can call me Pryanka (:

  2. Oooh this looks lovely! I hope you have a fab time in london and that you remembered your camera as I really want to see that lego tree hehe.
    I'm wearing Silver Cascade by Barry M. I ordered it online a few days ago so thought I'd try it out. It seems to chip easily so I think a silver base or something will help ease the chipping! Not looking forward to removing it, glitter = nightmare! xx

  3. It really does bring out green in For Audrey!! Lovely combination. :D

  4. Oh, I also sent you a nail polish tag! :D

  5. Pryanka you NEED For Audrey- it's So beautiful :) Ooh that sounds exciting- looking forward to seeing pictures!

    ScienceGeek I managed to remember my camera, but took zero pictures (sorry!) I hate removing glitter- just the few nails I glittered for my haul the other day was bad enough!

    Ooh thank you Ashesela, I must get around to posting all of these tags! And I'm glad you agree (my sister hated the colour combo!)



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