Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing day sales tips!

As you read this I'll be on my way to visit family for our traditional boxing day get together but I know a lot of you will be hitting the sales, and if not today sometime this week (I know I will be!) - so I thought I'd write up a quick post sharing a few tips for Christmas sales shopping :)

1) Check online before you head out- that way you can get a good idea of which places are most worth a visit plus you might find things are even cheaper online.

Some shops generally have better sales than others- Next is notorious for it's crazy sales prices, and equally crazy queues and busy stores (as early as 6am), Boots always have their Christmas gift sets on sale and most big department stores have at least 50% off :) Also check out Amazon and asos (and everywhere else) online. Pretty much every store will have some kind of discount!

2) Make an action plan- especially if you're venturing out today! The shops will most likely be super busy so decide which shops you definitely want to go to and get there first (you always end up spending way longer than you think in each shop) and you don't want to run out of time or miss out on things you wanted because you saved that shop til last!

3) Buy things ready for next Christmas- shops don't want to store there leftover wrapping paper/ greetings cards/ tree decorations until next year so they're sold off super cheap! As they don't really go 'out of fashion'  or go out of date so no one will ever know...

4) Look out for potential gifts- if you keep a look out for things you can give as gifts (for birthdays etc) throughout the year you can get really great deals, and store them until needed- again, no one will ever know! And if something comes in Christmassy packaging you can always repackage it yourself.

5) Wear comfy clothing! There is nothing worse than trudging around shops with sore feet and a sweaty body; wear easy-to-remove layers and really comfy shoes :) Also, take water and snacks (or is it just me that gets grumpy way too fast without food?)

6) Remember you might not be able to return sales items- make sure it fits/ works/ is complete etc. before you purchase, don't be put off by the queues make sure you try things on :)

7) Have fun getting some bargains- and make sure you let me know what you get! :)

 Happy Boxing Day!


  1. Great tips! I hope that your Christmas was wonderful, and that you had a great Boxing Day! :D

  2. Thank you :) I did have a lovely Christmas and Boxing day! I hope you did too :)


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