Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Currently Loving (a wintery dry skin special) and Loathing...

It's winter, and my skin has gone from quite dry (it's normal state, even in the summer) to Sahara dry... which is just plain unpleasant. My eyelids have been the worse affected- I've had a little eczema again- and my hands (the amount of cooking I've done recently add to the problem) I also made the very silly mistake of shaving my legs (I was feeling too lazy to epillate had and had to actually expose my legs in a dress) and my skin was NOT happy about it. Never ever shaving again!

So here are my skincare favourites:

Like my last favourites post I have rather a lot of products, so I'll link to reviews where I can- to prevent me waffling on more than necessary :)
  • The Body Shop Body Butter- LOVE this, I've been slathering it on everyday- it's fantastic at moisturising dry skin, doesn't irritate my skin and smells delicious :)
  • Dove Bodywash- produces a rich foamy lather that doesn't dry out my skin- this one is just a little sample I've been using up!=.
  • Rescue Oil- I really need to do a full review on this, it's awesome!
  • Neutrogena Concentrated Hand Cream (currently only £2 at Boots- buy one and see why I keep raving about it!)
  • Carmex- my cherry one is running low :(
  • Simple Soothing Eye Balm- I've had this for a little while now, and I'm loving it so far- I was worried that even his would irritate my eyes but it's not! It's nicely moisturising and does soothe tired eyes before bed.

I also have a few make up / nail polish / jewellery faves:

  • I've only had the MUA Dusk til Dawn palette for 4 days, but I love it already! There's such a good mix of shades :) Review and swatches are coming soon!
  • Barry M Red Glitter- it just screams Christmas and I've kept it on my desk so I can stare it all day...
  • Revlon Emerald City- I'm SO glad I found this in the pound shop, I would've never spent £6 on this shade (not a huge green fan) but this is perfect for Christmassy looks (and leaves etc. in the spring)- I used both polishes in yesterdays Christmas NOTD.
  • My lovely snowflake necklace- cute and sparkly, what more could I want?
  • e.l.f. Eye Crease Brush- I've been using this mini brush a lot recentlymostly for placing a little shadow under my eyes along my eyeliner, but it's also good for creating precise creases and adding shadow to the inner corner.

I spent a week at the beginning of the month avoiding eye make up again (my eyelids really have been suffering) so I have quite a few lip favourites too:

Other random favourites (mostly Christmassy):
  • 5 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! I'm excited!
  • Wrapping presents- I really enjoy it for some reason- I'm planning on getting everything wrapped by tomorrow
  • Christmas songs- perhaps more sane people would get thoroughly fed up of listening to the same album (of 21 songs) several times a day for a month, but not me- I love Christmas songs and they will never ever fail to make me happy, and jump around the house like a loon :)
  • Candles- yummy smelling and pretty :) I did almost set myself on fire though...oops...
  • Baileys- since making my truffles and fudge and vowing not to eat them until Christmas Day I've been drinking Baileys (Irish Knight) with ice quite regularly- and my sister keeps pinching it. 

Currently Loathing:
  • The weather- it's super-cold here (it's been getting down to 0!) and there's not even any snow to make up for it!
  • How manic the town centre/ any shops are- other people are annoying and I don't like queueing!

So there are my current likes and dislikes, what are yours?



  1. I totally agree about the Dove body wash and ELF lipstick! Both are super affordable and work like a charm :) PS - I love how much you've been baking lately! When next I get a few days off I'm going to try out one of your delish goodies!

  2. Love Dove body washes :-) I am also a huge fan of their deodorant. Aw hun not good about skin probs :-( I highly recommend the hemp hand moisturiser from the body shop, so thick. I slather it on before bed and it works a treat. x

  3. @21st and serendiptiy Definitely- and e.l.f.s colour range is great too :) Yay, I hoppe they turn out well for you- let me know! :)

    @Nicole Thankfully it seems to be settling down now! Yes me too- Dove has awesome skincare :) Yeah I've heard great things about that- may have to get some (especially if it's on sale after Christmas!)


  4. Great post!! I like your list of faves! my skin hates me during the winter, and the only reason my hands aren't peeling and cracking like mad is because of my new-found love of nail polish (so I am actually taking care of my skin, tee-hee! ^-^) I love listening to Christmas songs too!! I love belting them out around the house, hahah.

  5. Thank you :) Mine too- I hate winter! Hehe I'm glad you're taking care of your skin, even if it is just because of nail polish! If people could hear me singing along it would be awful, I'm so glad I'm often alone in my house!!!

  6. Oh my god, I absolutely adore that neutrogena hand cream!! I also have a lip balm from the same line that's fantastic!

  7. Me too- it really is the best ever! Ooh that sounds good (I'm a lip balm junkie) I may have to get it :)


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