Thursday, 15 December 2011

Review: e.l.f. Blushes (regular and studio)

As I hope you saw in my blush collection post last week I have quite a few e.l.f. blushes- 5 of the Natural Radiance Blushers from the regular (£1.50) line and one studio line blush (£3.50) which are available from the e.l.f. website.

First up, my 5 regular line blushes:

Innocence, Shy, Coy
Glow, Flushed
  And some swatches (in the same order and arrangement)

Sorry the swatches aren't great- that's what I get for waiting until it's dark outside!

I really love all 5 of the shades I have- Innocence may look stupidly pale in the swatch but it does give a lovely subtle colour to my cheeks (probably too subtle for anyone with darker skin than me) Shy is one of my most worn blushes, as a good pastel pink that looks really natural on my skin tone :) The other three ( Coy Glow and Flushed) all have a very small amount of shimmer to them, Coy more than the others (with a lovely slightly golden shimmer) and they are more well pigmented that Innocence and Shy.

The packaging of these is a bit of a pain really- the sliding tray can be really stiff, or conversely really loose and able to slide open in my make up bag. but I do like that they are clear, which makes it really easy to tell them all apart.

I really like the product itself, they may not be the most pigmented of blushes but I find this to be a rather good thing- I can easily build up the amount of colour I want without worrying I'll become clown/Aunt sally-esque. They also stay put really well, and it will still look lovely after a long days wear (with just a little fading).

The only small issue with the formula is with their slight powderyness- I have two broken blushes as a result (I wasn't being particularly hard on them, they were in a make up bag with lots of other powder products that didn't break!) and although I could (and probably will) re-press them, it is a little annoying, and worth considering if you plan on travelling with them a lot.  

At £1.50 for 2g they are pretty reasonably priced, (great for someone to experiment on blush colours) and I really recommend giving them a try:)

And now the e.l.f Studio blush: I have one shade- Peachy Keen

The studio blush packaging is a lot more easy to use, and although it's all black there is a little window allowing you to easily see the shade of the product inside. There is also a little mirror inside, which could be useful if you don't have a travel mirror.

This shade is (as the name Peachy Keen might suggest) a lovely peach shade with some golden shimmer/tiny glitter particles. I'm not a fan of having glitter on my face at all, so for a while I didn't really use this blush, but the shimmer appears to only be on the top layer of product so now it's gone, the peachy (slightly shimmery) shade is left. I'm not convinced that peachy shades suit me (with my cool toned skin) but as a blush this product is great.

It lasts very well, and doesn't seem to fade at all over the day, and it has very little powderyness (totally a word!) which makes it less likely to smash. As you can probably tell these blushes (or at least this one) are more pigmented than the regular line ones, which is good (though could be a disadvantage with the really bright shades in the range!)

The studio blushes are £3.50 for 4.8g- again a really reasonable price, and I definitely recommend these ones too (though if you're not a glitter lover you may want to check out swatches- I think there are some others with full on glittery top layers too)

What do you think of the e.l.f. blush ranges?


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  1. Just joined! Lovely colours. I've used a mineral blush from elf which was pretty nice, but then it got overshadowed by my NARS orgasm blush...

  2. Thank you :) I've never used the mineral blushes- they seem a bit messy to me! Hehe poor blush :p

  3. Beautiful blushes! My favorite e.l.f. blush is Candid Coral <3

  4. These are really beautiful blushes!! Wonderful swatches and comparisons! :D

  5. I'm glad you like them Chantel- e.l.f. products are great aren't they! :)

    Thanks Asheslea, I hope tehyw ere helpful to you :)



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