Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Top 10 and Nail Polish Tags!

The lovely Ashesela has tagged me in many things recently, and in an attempt to catch up (any excuse to do a tag post, I do love them!) I've combined the top ten and nail polish tags as they're quite similar :)

(I've linked my reviews for some of the products I've mentioned, in case you want to see why I love them so much!)

1) Favourite Cuticle Cream: Well it's not really a cream, but I do love my e.l.f.Nourishing Cuticle Pen- it's really moisturising and the pen format makes it really easy (and mess-free) to use :)

2) Favourite Cuticle Something Else: Erm, not sure I have one- I use a Revlon cuticle remover, which works quite well for me...

3) Favourite Perfume: Gucci Flora, it's beautiful and I LOVE it :)

4) Favourite Lip Products: That's a really hard one, I think maybe my e.l.f. Mineral Lipsticks- they're beautiful shades and they're really moisturising for a lipstick. But I do love the e.l.f. regular line lipsticks- and I could NOT survive without Carmex!

5) Favourite Nail Polish Brands: Barry M (for the formula) e.l.f (for the colour range and super-cheap price) and No7 (for the lovely brushes)

6) Favourite Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri- it dries so fast, and lengthens the life of my polish :)

7) Favourite Hand Cream/ Lotion: Neutrogena concentrated hand cream; it may not be yummy smelling but it works SO well- I often get really dry hands (thanks to naturally dry skin and a love of cooking which makes me wash my hands all the time) and this is the best hand cream. I also use it every night before bed.

8) Favourite Base Coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty

9) Current Favourite Nail Polish Collection: I don't have any of them (too expensive... boo!) but the China Glaze Let it Snow collection (this years Christmas one) is beautiful, especially Snow Globe.

10) Favourite Facial Moisturisers: I really don't a favourite, I've used many different moisturisers but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one- I need something that deeply moisturises without clogging pores or feeling greasy. Recommendations please!

1) How many polishes do you have? erm... 118... I have a problem.... (some of them are minis....)

2) What is your favourite brand of polish? As above (Barry M (for the formula) e.l.f (for the colour range) and No7 (for the brushes))

3) Do you like crackle nail polish or do you hate it? Love it! But I have to wear at least one top coat over it- I'm a texture-phobe!

4) What is your first nail polish brand?Aside from the random ones I had as a child, I think it must have been e.l.f that really sparked my polish-passion.

5) If you were to have your own nail polish line, what would you call it? Pizazz! That was the name of my university dance show (which I helped to organise one year) and the name just brings me happy memories of lots of bright colour and glitter (we had some awesome costumes!)

6) What nail polish colour does not compliment you? Gold- my skin is cool toned and it looks silly against anything gold- I also never wear gold jewellery.

7) What nail polish colours do compliment you? I really like silvers and blues- though that could be because they are my favourite shades...

8) Name two of your best nail art friends. I'm not sure I can pick just two- there are quite a few lovely fellow nail art fans that I chat to on twitter and in comments :)

9) What was the best nail polish gift you've ever received? Well I don't have it yet, but I'm pretty sure my lovely Grandma is getting me M&S Rainbow (the holographic polish) for Christmas this year :)

10) Make a speech about thanking the blogger who tagged you. Ashesela always leaves me lovely comments on my posts, and keeps tagging me to do various things- as well as writing her own great blog (which you should check out, her nails are always beautiful!)

So there are my two tags! And instead of tagging individual people, I tag everyone reading this- that means YOU are tagged! I look forward to seeing your responses :)


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