Monday, 19 December 2011

Challenge Week 12: Christmas Nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may be able to tell by the somewhat excessive use of exclamation marks in the title, I'm just a *teeny* bit excited about Christmas and Christmas themed nails :)

Look how festive!!!

As usual I couldn't narrow down my choice of designs to just one, so I picked 5 and did a different one on each nail! It's my first attempt at all 5 of these designs, so none of them are close to perfect- but Christmas is about having fun not being perfect!... and I really enjoyed doing these (I spent a very lazy afternoon surrounded by about 20 polishes, lots of coffee and several mince pies) and I like the results :)

Trying to explain how I did each nail in one big chunk would be a nightmare, so here's a nail-by-nail breakdown:

Little Finger- The Snowman!

Models Own Beth's Blue, e.l.f. Pearl, MO Snow White and
Fuzzy Peach, Barry M Indigo and 17 Nightshade 

I used a base coat of Models Own Beth's Blue, topped with e.l.f. Pearl to give a lighter and frosty effect. Then I used a large dotter to create 2 blobs in a snowman shape in white, then added eyes and buttons in black with a teeny dotter and a scarf and orange nose with a small nail art brush.

Ring Finger: The Christmas tree!

Models Own Snow White, Barry M Red Glitter,
Revlon Emerald City and e.l.f. Chocolate

For this nail I used a white base, then added green dots in various sizes in the shape of a tree- in hindsight different shades of green or small dots would've worked better. Then I added the trunk in brown at the bottom and glittery baubles with a tiny dotter- topping it off with a star (I removed it after picture taking, it obviously isn't actually a practical decoration!)

Middle Finger: The Gingerbread man!

This is a nice and simple one- I used a white base coat and stamped the cute little gingerbread man from my Bundle Monster 25 piece set - plate number 222, with e.l.f. Chocolate (quite an appropriate name for this stamp!) then surrounded it with little dots- I like to think of them as chocolate chips :)

Index Finger: Fairy Lights!

Models Own Snow White, 17 Nightshade, Barry M: Red Glitter,
 Indigo and Pale Yellow and Revlon Emerald City

For this nail I started with a white base, and added two black lines (they turned out thicker than I wanted) as the fairy light string, then simply added dots in different colours as the lights :)

Thumb: Candy Cane!

Models Own Snow white, e.l.f. Light Red and
 Collection 200 Sparkle Top Coat

Another pretty simple one- for this I used a white base coat and added red stripes of varying thickness using an insanely long brush! I decided it looked a little plain next to my other nails so I added a sparkle top coat :)

So there are my Christmas themed nails- I love them! What's your favourite Christmas design?



  1. I know it's the simplest one but for some reason the candy cane is my favourite! Think it might be that top coat! It's lovely, adds shimmer without being glittery?

  2. i totally agree ^^^ i love the candy cane nail! :) also the snowman is soo cute. genius idea for the star on the xmas tree although like you said a little impractical! they all look lovely and fabbie effort for first time! :) xx

  3. These are sooooo cute!! I love your nails!! :D ^-^

  4. Thanks ScienceGeek- that top coat is AMAZING- you should own it! (it's only £2.99) I've had mine for years- evidenced by the lack of lettering left on the bottle and it gets a lot of use :)

    Thank you Emma, yeah it was just a bit impractical- it got stuck in my hair twice before I ripped it off! I'm glad they all turned out well- it took AGES! but I think I'm finally getting the hang of nail art brushes :)


  5. Thanks Ashesela! I can't wait to see your Christmas nails! :)


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