Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Blush Collection :)

As I mentioned in yesterday post, I've been looking forward to posting my blush collection (but the light has been against me, and I finally got a chance to photograph them today!) and starting a new review series. I really enjoy doing a series of reviews instead of random ones here and there, I find it much easier to review as well, because I can compare each item much easier :)

For a long time I rarely wore blush- I didn't think it was necessary, but I heard someone say (I wish I could remember who) that it really annoyed her when people didn't use blush- as it was the most important item to give someone healthy looking skin. Ever since then I've been much more of a dedicated blush-wearer, and I've gradually built up my collection:

The brand I have most of (quite unsurprisingly) is e.l.f- I really like their regular line blushes, the Natural Radiance Blusher. (although I have had a couple break on me... hence the small pots- I should really learn how to re-press them as I still have the original packaging for them, any tips?)

Top: Shy, Coy and Innocence
Bottom: Glow and Flushed (which is not as orange as it looks)
 I also have an e.l.f. Studio Blush in Peachy Keen.

I love MUA products, and this Mosaic Blush is no exception- it has just the right amount of shimmer for me (i.e. not very much!) I have shade 2, English Rose.

A beautiful 17 Blusher- Damson Wine (perfect wintry plum shade!)

And a couple of (sadly discontinued) items:

Primarks 'The Happy Couple' a blusher and bronzer duo, which came complete with a brush.

And a bargainous poundland find- Revlon Vital Radiance in 02, Pink Radiance.

So that's my blush collection! I don't have many blushes, but I think I have quite a nice selection of pinks, plums and peachy shades- something for every mood :)

What's in your blush collection? Am I missing a must-have shade?


p.s. Go me, blog post up before 8pm- I'm getting more organised :)


  1. Very nice collection!! :D One thing that I learned is using rubbing alcohol to kind of settle the powder down (courtesy of my sister!) I thoroughly wet the powder in the container I wish it to be in with rubbing alcohol (a lot) and when it dries it is a bit more manageable. It isn't perfect (since it isn't pressed) but I find it is a bit easier. If you decide to try this, I hope it works for you!

  2. Thanks for the tip, looks like I need to get myself some rubbing alcohol then! :)


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