Thursday, 6 October 2011

If Money Were No Object #3!

I've been really rather good recently and I haven't bought very much at all (well, OK, maybe quite a bit of nail polish: here and here) so I'm allowing myself, once again, to indulge in a crazy wish list!

Firstly, I'd like a new car. Actually it doesn't even have to be new; but I drive an estate- it's huge! I'm small, and I learnt to drive in a Citroen C3- also small. I'm used to the massive estate now (I barely remember what it's like to drive a normal sized car, I've been driving the beast for about 3/4 years) but I still don't love it as much as I should (and I really should- it's completely free to me on the condition that I provide a taxi service for my sister when she needs it!) and a smaller car would be so much easier for me to drive... To be honest I'd quite this car, Jeremy Clarkson may find it a tight squeeze, but I'm only 5'1''- I think I'd love it!

Secondly, something more attainable: I've been ogling these lovely BundleMonster plates (yes MORE nail polish things...) - they're £16.99 for 25 plates, which is good, but I'd feel a bit guilty about spending £17 on a whim- I think I'll try to wait until I have Christmas money (then again I may well cave soon... they're hard to resist and I really want them...I have the link saved in my favourites and everything!)

I love cookery books: I love reading through recipes even if I'm not planning on making anything, I love the lovely pictures, even though the food never looks quite when you make it, and I love the questionable stains from previous kitchen adventures (cookbooks are the ONLY books that are allowed to be messy; I'll kill you if you turn a page down in a reading book, but if a cookbook isn't stained, it's not been used and loved enough.)

I love the hummingbird cookbook I have, but there are two other that look equally as delicious: Cake Days and Cupcakes and Muffins :)

If you watched the Great British Bake Off (which I hope you did, it was awesome) you'll know all about the baking Goddess that is Mary Berry, and her Baking Bible...

If I were let loose on Amazon book section I hate to think how many books I could buy! Imagine all the things I could bake with more shelves full of books :) I know there are some great recipes online (and I do use them a lot too) but there's just something so lovely about having a real physical book to peruse...

What would you buy if money were no object? Are you a book fiend like me?


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