Monday, 31 October 2011

Challenge Week 5: Metallic Nails!

It's time for week 5 of my 52 Week Challenge, and this time the theme is 'Metallic' I don't seem to have many metallic polishes, so there wasn't much choice for me (and I'd quite like to get my hands on Barry M's new foil effect polish- it looks awesome!) but I really love the polishes I do have. Somehow these two wonderful shades have never made it onto a NOTD post, now that I've remembered how much I like darker shades on my nails I'm sure I'll be using it a lot more :)


I used two No7 Polishes for this look: Night Silver is the beautiful gun-metal shade I used on all but my ring finger. I think I could have just about got away with one coat of this- it's very highly pigmented and applies really smoothly. To add a little extra dimension to the manicure (you know me, I rarely leave it at just one polish!) I decided to have an accent nail and I chose another No7 polish- Beautifully Black.

Beautifully Black is another lovely shade- it's a black with lots of really tiny silvery sparkles/ glitter particles (it's another contender for the background of Galaxy nails, which I really MUST try soon- it's not in the challenge until April!) This took two or three coats on my ring finger to become opaque (the black base isn't too well pigmented) but it is definitely worth the effort- the sparkles are so densely packed- I love it!

No 7 polish in Night Silver and Beautifully Black.

What are your favorite metallic nail polishes? Does anyone have the Barry M foil polishes yet? (I'd love to know what they're like!)



  1. So cute! <3 The polish bottles seem so tiny though. How many manis can you squeeze out of one of those?

    Here's my metal mani...the first one in the challenge I got to do. Is there a place where everybody else doing the challenge is posting their manicures? is my mettalic mani :D

  2. They're 10ml each which I don't think is tiny(blame my bad photography for making them look small!)

    There are quite a few people posting on if you'd like to join us there (I post a new thread for everyone to post in every monday) and there are quite a few individual bloggers doing it too- I think I'll collate a list of all the blogs in my weeky challenge post tomorrow :)



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