Monday, 10 October 2011

Challenge Week 2: Inspired by Colour!

It took me quite a while to come up with my nail art for this weeks 52 week nail challenge post. As usual I took out my drawers of polish and played around until inspiration hit - and it did! I saw my lovely Models Own polish in Grey Day, and decided I'd do a 'wet-weather' version of my Cloudy Skies nail art from a while ago.

I started off with 2 coats of Models own Grey Day- I love this colour (I don't know what it is, but I really love grey polish... I'd quite like a really pale grey shade, any suggestions?)

I added cloud shapes along the tips of my nails, using a large dotting tool with Barry M Grey. Then I added little raindrop shapes using a very small dotting tool (in order to get the shape less circular and more drop shaped I dragged the dots upwards a little each time- I got slowly better at it)

Models Own Grey Day, Barry M Grey, e.l.f. Metal Madness and Light Red

Cute umbrella stamp from the m22 plate
 I decided it looked a little plain, so I took my m22 plate with e.l.f. Light Red (in retrospect, perhaps a darker shade would've been better) and stamped little red umbrellas on my middle fingers. And I used e.l.f. Metal Madness to add some highlight/contours to the clouds and raindrops.

As usual, I couldn't decide which pictures to add.. so here's a few:

I wanted to see what it looked like mattified (I can never just leave my nails alone can I...) and I rather like it- it gives a better 'dull English weather' look, whilst the glitter from Metal Madness still shines through so my nails aren't totally flat looking.

Well I don't think it's my best work to date, it's definitely on the scruffier side... but I learned a lot (which is what I wanted from this challenge!) about dotting on cloud shapes (some of my early attempts were NOT good...) and I really love the overall effect :)

What colours are you inspired by?


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