Sunday, 16 October 2011

Tag: What's in my shower!

I wish I could remember which blogs I've seen these on, but there have been quite a few- and I thought it was a nice idea (I know how much I enjoy nosing around other people bathroom products, I love this kind of post!) I wish I could have taken the pictures in my bathroom, but the lighting in there is truly terrible! (it's better in daylight, but that finishes at about 5pm nowadays :( ) I went for the next best thing and used a towel as a backdrop...

Firstly there's my shampoos and conditioners. I like to rotate shampoos quite often- my hair can get too used to a shampoo and it's prone to product build-up, so I always keep at least two shampoos in the shower, so I can alternate easily :) I've yet to review the Boots Fruit Essence Shampoo but as you can tell by how much I've used up- I love it, and it's high up on my 'to review' list.

I was sent the Herbal Essences Hair Mask by Glamour along with the shampoo and conditioner of the hello Hydration range (I had to give them feedback on it via the website) and this is another item on my 'to review' list- as I may have mentioned I don't condition my hair very often (it usually makes my hair heavy and greasy) so it's taken me quite a while to use it enough to form a proper opinion on it.

I've raved about Dove body wash before and although this is a slightly different formula to the Beauty Care Body Wash, I love it just as much- it's moisturising and it smells lovely :) I use a nice pink body puff thingy with it (please don't ask where I got it from, I can't remember!)

I use my beloved Neutrogena daily scrub morning and night, and sometimes (a few times a week) I use it along with my facial loofah (mine is Boots Botanics, but lots of brands do the same thing) for a little extra exfoliation. I also use the St. Ives scrub about once a week, and for some reason I only use it when I'm in the shower.

I feel like I have a very empty shower compared to a lot of people... though space is quite limited so I probably couldn't have much more in my bathroom if I wanted too! I keep my face masks, moisturisers etc. in my bedroom, as well as new products I've not started using.

I tag all of you to show me what's in your shower! :)



  1. I must have a very empty shower too, then, because I have even less products in my shower! haha. I basically have a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and body wash =p Btw if you use a clarifying shampoo every so often (like every other week maybe), it'll clear out any build-up in your hair and your shampoos might work better!

  2. Hehe, we're obviously simple girls... :) Ooh thats a good idea, I've never thought of using one before, thanks!


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