Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nail of the Day: 17 Magnetized Nail Polish- Lilac :)

I posted yesterday about a little haul which mainly consisted of 17 products, and one of those was the Magnetized polish in Lilac. I'm really glad I caved and got this shade as well as the Blue Magnetized polish, I really like this colour, it's such a lovely plummy purple (goodness knows why it's actually called lilac...) :)

The formula seems a little thinner than the blue one, it took two coats whereas the blue only needed one (thickish) coat, but that's almost to be expected as it is a lighter colour. There are no sparkles/glittery particles in the purple like there are in the blue either, but I love this shade so much I don't mind! I think this one worked better with the magnet- perhaps because of the thinner formula? (though I suppose this could be down to me being a little more experienced with the technique!) and the waves are more apparent.

Again this polish is very awkward to photograph, and my cuticles are in not-so-great shape, and I think I smudged a nail... so overall they're not my best NOTD pictures, but I love this polish and I couldn't not share this manicure with you :)

What do you think of the magnetic nail polish trend? And do you know if there's anywhere that sells individual magnets with different patterns on?


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