Saturday, 29 October 2011

Review: Lucas' Papaw Ointment.

Yep, it's time for another lip balm review! Lucas' Papaw Ointment  is something I picked up in my travels last year (thanks to the recommendation of several of my Ozzie friends and relatives) I think it was $5 (around £3.50) for 25g. It is available in the UK via online shops (this shop is the cheapest I could find- 25g is £5.40 inc. shipping) but if you're lucky enough to live in Australia the stuff is everywhere!

This ointment is designed for use on just about anything: burns, chafing, rashes, insect bites, nappy rash, cuts and cracked or chapped skin. I mainly just use it on my lips but I've found that it's great for eczema and insect bites (not that I get any in England, but I encountered LOTS in Fiji and it was awesome then!)

It is made from fermented papaya/papaw (a delicious tropical fruit) and as far as I can tell the only other ingredient is a small amount of preservative. It smells really lovely (nice and fruity) and although it's an odd yellowy colour in the tube it applies clear- much like Vaseline. The texture is similar to Vaseline too, it's quite thick and you only need a very tiny amount to cover your lips (or anything else you want to use it for) and it does give quite a glossy look- ideal for no-fuss, but healthy-looking lips.  

As expected for something that claims to be (and definitely is!) so multi talented, this balm is lovely- it's very moisturising, it provides a nice barrier to the elements, it speeds up healing and soothes itches.

The only issue I have with this ointment is the packaging, the larger sized pots are fine (available in 75g and 200g) as they are just screw-tops, but the tubes come with an odd triangular shaped plastic seal that slots into the triangular indent in the lid. you have to use the lid to screw off the seal- and it's really hard! It took 3 tubes and 2 shop assistants in Target for me to get one open, and after all that I'm left with a rough edge on the opening (it's not sharp or dangerous, but it IS annoying) I honestly don't see why it's designed that way (answers on a postcard?) and I wish they could change it somehow. Next time I purchase I think I'll be buying a large pot and decanting it into a smaller one- much easier than wrestling with the tube!

Yet another lip balm I absolutely love (honestly, there are some that I don't like- but I don't own them anymore!) if you can get your hands on this for a reasonable price I definitely recommend it- and my Ozzie cousins swear by it for nappy rash and insect bites-

Have you ever seen this? Or something similar? (it looked really strange to me when I first saw it!)



  1. I love this stuff. One of my best friends has been in Australia for the past two years and whenever I send her a care package of British goodies she sends one back with a few tubes of this and lots of Aussie candy. I agree with you about the seal though, those things are a bugger to open.


  2. Ooh you're a genius, when I run out I'll email my cousin :) I love Australian chocolate too :) -keep you eye out for a cherry ripe bar recipe soon, I've had the recipe for a while and I'm desperate to try it!

    They're ridiculous aren't they!



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