Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Review: The Body Shop Lip Balms.

I think it's about time for another lip balm review as part of my lip balm collection series- and it's the turn of The Body Shop. They have several different types of lip products (including some rather nice looking new 'lip roll ons' which I may have to purchase) and I have two varieties of their lip balm- 2 from the 'Born Lippy' range, which are fun and fruity with a nice glossy finish, and 2 Christmassy lip balms that are actually very similar to the lip butters that are available all year round.

Born Lippy: Raspberry and Mango Peach.

The two Born Lippy lip balms I have are Raspberry and Mango Peach. They both smell lovely and fruity- like The Body Shop's Body Butters the scent is quite natural- like there could actually be some real raspberry in there. Although they come in all kinds of fun colours (depending on the scent) this doesn't translate onto the lips which I quite like (it means you don't have to be careful with your application) but it does give your lips a nice glossy look to make your lips look fuller and healthier.

Despite being more of a gloss, they are also very moisturising- essentially a slightly more moisturising, un-tinted version of the e.l.f. studio conditioning lip balms! The Born Lippy lip balms cost £2 each, and there is 9g in each pot which I think is reasonable considering how yummy smelling and moisturising they are (in fact they're actually a lot better value than the e.l.f. ones- quite unexpected really). The packaging is nice and simple, and the fact that they're clear makes it easy to tell them apart even without the label.

Lip Balm in Spiced Vanilla, and Cranberry Joy.

The Christmas lip balm/butters are very different to the Born Lippy balms, they have a lovely creamy texture- basically a Body Butter for lips- and are very richly moisturising. They smell absolutely amazing- they just make me think of Christmas (which is possibly not great for using in the height of Summer, but I don't really care!) I think Spiced Vanilla would be awesome in candle form (it probably already is somewhere) There is no tint to these balms- and because of the super-creamy formula you actually have to be a little careful you don't apply too much or you'll end up with odd creamy lips (not a good look)- but it does leave a little sheen on the lips; not glossy like the Born Lippy ones, but not matte either. 

This is another balm (like Carmex) that I love for treating dry and chapped lips (3 guesses why these were brought out for Christmas!) and as a nice 'before bed' lip conditioner- they are so richly moisturising :) Even with the rich creamy formula it doesn't feel heavy or gloopy on the lips, it's very smooth- though it does take a while to sink in (which I think is a good thing, as it feels so lovely)

Annoyingly I can't remember how much I paid for these lip balms (despite the fact that I actually blogged about receiving the Cranberry Joy) but I think they were originally a similar price to the Lip Butters (£4) and these tins contain 13g.- one tin will last forever as you need so little per application (again, very good value for such a lovely lip balm!) The packaging is also very good- I love the Christmassy design on the lid- and it's nice and practical.

Overall I really recommend The Body Shop for lip balm- not only do they smell delicious (like most things in the shop!) but they are really moisturising and (somewhat surprisingly) very good value.

Do you have any Body Shop lip products? What do you think?



  1. I didnt know the born lippy lipbalms smelt of the butters, I have the cherry lip butter which smells amazing.

  2. Well not exactly the same- but really similar in that they smell like real foods (nothing horrible and synthetic!) I think everything in there smells awesome :)


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