Thursday, 13 October 2011

Nail of the Day: Rimmel Midnight Blue (I couldn't wait to try it!)

As you may have seen I bought this lovely polish yesterday- I still can't believe I found it in a pound shop! I am clearly way too impatient, and I just HAD to paint my nails with it today.

First of all, the brush in this polish is amazing- it's enormous! Very wide and quite flat (a slightly larger version of the 17 Supreme Shine brushes) with a lovely rounded tip, it's actually almost the full width of my little fingernail. It makes application SO easy and quick, I love it! If I see any more shades of this brand in my local pound shop I'll definitely be picking them up.

I am very pleasantly surprised with the formula too, as I said yesterday in my haul post, the colour is quite similar to No 7 Betty Blues, which is the only No7 polish I dislike- the formula is just bad (thick, gloopy and the colour doesn't show on the nail at all) and I can happily report that this is a good alternative, it only takes one thickish coat to get this shade opaque and the colour is just as lovely on the nails as it is in the bottle (though I think a little of the shimmer is lost if you're not in bright light, it looks pretty black in lower light)

 As usual, I took way too many pictures, and I think they're all pretty... so here's a small selection:

As I was painting my nails I realised the name 'Midnight Blue' was rather familiar- and that's because I have another Midnight Blue nail polish, which happens to work rather nicely with this colour. This is one coat of Rimmel Midnight Blue with one coat of Models Own Pro Midnight Blue over the top.

I think this colour combination is beautiful- much easier than using 3 coats of the Models Own colour and it's so pretty :)

Are there any other brands with a 'Midnight Blue' shade? It seems to be a popular name!


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