Sunday, 2 October 2011

Currently loving, and loathing.

As it's the beginning of October, there have been lots of September favorites post and videos, and I realised that I've not done one in ages! So I apologise if this will be a long post...

First of all, the weather has been amazing recently- I'm SO glad it's not been cold and horrible, warm weather makes me happy :)

Now onto some beauty related things. As I've said before, a lot of my favorites are constant; like my e.l.f. under eye concealer, and the MUA Heaven and Earth palette (you can see some of my previous favorites posts here and here for more of my standard make up favorites) but there are a few new things too:

The MUA Professional Mosaic Blush in 03, English Rose. I love this blush, I swirl all the colours together to give a nice paleish pink with a subtle shimmer- perfect for everyday :)

I've just come back to using  Neutrogenas blackhead eliminating daily scrub, and my skin loves me for it- I just cannot say enough good things about it (My review is here) The formula just agrees with my skin, and it's looking better than it has done in months. I actually forgot to moisturise this morning. Me, a person with horribly dry and sensitive skin, forget to moisturise- miracle! (as soon as I remembered I moisturised, but it was at least 1/2 an hour after I washed my face!)

My e.l.f. Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm (in Strawberry Creme) snapped- I don't think much to the packaging of this product, it simply doesn't work that well- and I was considering just throwing it away, as I've previously found the balm a little to greasy. However, I decided to depot it and give it another try, and I'm really really glad I did! I love it! I think perhaps the original packaging made the lip balm come out too thickly, but now it's in a pot I can control exactly how much to put on, and I no longer find it greasy- it's a nicely moisturising balm :)

As you may remember, I bought this a while ago when Dove and Nails Inc were having a promotion for a free nail polish with two deodorants. I've been using my Dove beauty finish roll-on for about a month now, and I really like it. I can't really comment on if my underarms look more beautiful or not... (I can't say I pay too much attention to what my underarms look like) but as a deodorant it works really well, and I like the scent (subtle floral) and there is still tonnes left so it'll last me a long time.

There are two brushes I have been relying upon recently; the e.l.f. Defining Eye Brush and the e.l.f. Eye Shadow Brush. The Defining Eye Brush is perfectly shaped for applying shadow in the crease, and making it really easy to blend it out, and the Eye Shadow Brush is brilliant for packing on shadow, and applying eye shadow all over the lid for a wash of colour. I love them both, and I think I've only used these two brushes for quite a while now.

My nails are slowly getting better and more healthy, and I think this little gem, the e.l.f. Nourishing Cuticle Pen,  is partly responsible. The pen shaped packaging makes it really easy and less messy to use than other oils and balms, and I've been using it a lot (I hope you can tell!)

I'm also loving:

  • The return of Downton Abbey, and so many other awesome TV shows.
  • Re-watching Angel, I bought the Season 3 box set, so naturally I have to start watching from season 1 now!
  • The The 52 week nail challenge, it's starting tomorrow and I'm very excited!!!

And loathing:
  • The end of Doctor Who... How many days until the Christmas special?
  • Having a cold.  My nose is never happy, it's either a cold, or hayfever :(
  • My ankle, for some reason it decided to hurt today.
  • Cold callers, for some reason I've had what seems like hundreds of people at the door this week- very annoying!

What are your current loves and loathes?



  1. I've heard quite a bit about the MUA blush really want to try it out :) x

  2. They're definitely worth a try (only £2.50) I really like mine :)


  3. I can't seem to get the elf cuticle pen to work for me. Doesnt seem to do anything when I rub it against my cuticle. :(

  4. That's odd, maybe you got a dud one? :( Mine really works well for me...



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