Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Review: e.l.f. Eyelid Primer (regular line)

I think this review has been on it's way for far too long... I've been using this lovely primer for quite a long time now (I think about 2 years? I'm on my second tube) and I don't think I could go back to wearing eyeshadow primerless.

Like the rest of the regular line it costs £1.50 for 5ml of product (from the e.l.f. website) which is a fantastic deal- particularly when you compare it to the Urban Decay Primer Potion, to which the e.l.f. primer is always (favourably) compared, that costs £14 for 11ml.

The primer comes in a plastic tube with a doe-foot applicator; nice practical packaging which allows for all the primer to be got to and used.

The product itself is a pale fleshy colour, which blends in nicely to my skin tone (it might look lighter on darker skin tones) but really the colour doesn't matter- it's going to be covered in eyeshadow!

e.l.f. claim that this primer will provide 'smoother, longer-lasting, crease proof eyeshadow'.

I have have rather dry eyelids so I've never really had a problem with creasing, but without primer eyeshadow fades quite quickly on my eyes (I think it's because my skin sucks the moisture out of anything it can!) and I because I sometimes suffer from eczema on my eyelids the skin can have an uneven texture (with dry flaky patches or puffy areas- ick) that would make eyeshadow application difficult.

I find that the primer really does make a difference to the colour payoff of my eyeshadow, even shades that are not particularly pigmented- like the black side of the Natural Collection Starlight/Midnight duo (reviewed here) - appear much more pigmented once applied over primer. Plus, it is much easier to apply- shadow 'sticks' to my lids better, which means that there's a lot less fall out and application is much quicker. I'm not sure that it provides a 'smooth' base but it does make application more even- in places where it may normally cling to dry skin, the primer ensures that my eyeshadow applies evenly.

Midnight: without primer, and with primer.

My shadow definitely lasts longer with the primer too; as I said before I don't usually get creasing, but fading is a big problem for me, but with the primer my eyeshadow will easily last all day (and has managed to last longer than 18 hours) looking exactly the same as it did when I applied it in the morning :)

I've heard that the e.l.f Mineral Line Eyeshadow Primer is better for those with oilier lids, but for me and my dry lids, this primer works amazingly well- it makes my eyeshadows more vibrant and helps it to last all day. It definitely doesn't irritate my skin either (I've actually noticed that when I use some shadows and eyeliners on my lid without primer the product does irritate me skin, so I think the primer acts as a good barrier to those products)

I definitely think this is worth a try- it really makes a difference to your eye make up (and for £1.50 I think it would be rude not to try!)

What do you think of the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer?


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