Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review: The Body Shop Body Butters :)

Now that the colder weather is drawing in (brrrrr... it's freezing today :( ) it's even more important to keep your skin well moisturised- central heating as well as cold and windy weather sucks out the skins moisture (apparently it's good to keep a bowl or glass of water near the radiator to help increase the humidity- I'd like to try it but I'm scared I'd knock it over!) - and I absolutely swear by The Body Shops Body Butters, they are super moisturising and they smell delicious :)

You may remember that I went a bit crazy in July and bought 3 new Body Butters when they were on sale (for £3 each!) so I decided it was about time for a review. I have 4 Body Butters in total; I've had Blueberry for several years (and I still have about 1/4 left, after frequent use) and I have the Almond, Brazil Nut and Passion Fruit.

I love Body Butters, they are really richly moisturising but they sink into my skin easily so it doesn't feel greasy or heavy (and it's comfortable to put clothes on a few minutes after applying) and the moisturising effect lasts all day. It definitely moisturises my skin better than most body moisturisers I've tried, and I recommend them to everyone, especially those with dry skin- they work so well.

There are several formulations of Body Butters- The ones I have are for Dry Skin (Brazil Nut and Blueberry) and Normal/Dry Skin (Almond and Passion Fruit) which are obviously rather appropriate for me, but that's down to pure luck- I actually chose based on the scents alone. To be honest I don't really see a difference in the formula or the moisturising properties between the two, though I haven't tried the ones for Normal or All Skin Types- which may be less richly moisturising, and if you have less dry skin you may notice more of a difference (perhaps the Dry Skin formulations would be too heavy for your skin)

The scents of all of the Body Butters are amazing, they are made with a lot of natural ingredients so the scents are real, and not at all synthetic smelling- the Passion Fruit and Blueberry smell just like the fresh fruit (yum!) and the Brazil Nut has Brazil nut oil as the second ingredient, so I know the scent is natural. I think Almond might be my favorite- it smells just like marzipan :) The scent does last a little on the skin, but not strongly- it's a feint, soft smell- nothing that will interfere with perfumes.

At £12.50 for 200ml they are quite pricey, but you only need a small amount to cover your body so one tub will last a very long time (as I mentioned above, I've had my Blueberry one for several years and I still have about 1/4 left) so I think they are definitely worth it. Plus, The Body Shop often have deals on- at the moment there is a buy on, get one 50% off offer, and the after-Christmas sales are always brilliant.

I seriously cannot recommend them enough- definitely one for your Christmas list if you've not already indulged :)

What do you think of Body Butters? Are you as big a fan as I am?



  1. I've tried some for dry skin and others for normal skin. There is a difference I think, the dry skin is thicker and more greasy (which is great for dry bits!). I chose by scent too lol!

  2. Is there? Thats good to know, thanks :) I guess I'm lucky that I liked the scents for drier skin then!


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