Monday, 3 October 2011

Challenge Week 1: Pink!!!

If you read my post last Thursday you'll know I've come up with a nail art challenge; I'm doing 52 themed manicures in 52 weeks- a year of nails! :) This weeks theme is pink, which is a happy coincidence as October is breast cancer awareness month. I've been itching to start, and last night I lined up most of my pink polishes to decide which I should use...

I (finally) settled upon one of 17s Miami Pop summer limited edition polishes- Palm Beach, which is a bright blue-toned pink shade. I was a little disappointed with this polish actually, 17 polishes are usually great, but this is a little on the thick and draggy side (you might be able to tell) it's not too noticeable with a topcoat, but annoying nonetheless.

Naturally I couldn't just leave it plain, so I used Wet n Wild's Wild Shine glitter in Sparked- an awesome pink and silver glitter which I got for a teeny tiny price when I visited LA last year (I am SO jealous of American nail polish junkies!) Surprisingly this glitter is not too gritty and horrible, I *almost* considered not using a topcoat over it!

17 Palm Beach and Wet n Wild Sparked 

I love this colour combination, I can't believe I'd not tried it yet! And I'm really excited about the 52 Week Challenge- 51 weeks to go! :)


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