Monday, 20 June 2011

Review: e.l.f. lipsticks (regular line)

When these lipsticks were first released I was rather excited- having used several of e.l.f.s mineral lipsticks (which I love) I had fairly high hopes for their regular line ones, despite them being less than1/2 the price! I have four shades see below for a pictures which are (at my end at least) a fairly good representation of the real life colours.

left to right: Seductive, Posh, Classy & Gypsy.
I really do love these lipsticks- they definitely live up to the expectations I had; I've heard some people complain that they are drying, but I think they have a lovely creamy formula, perhaps not as creamy and moisturising as the mineral lipsticks but I definitely have no problems with dryness (even with my chronically dry skin). I find them easy to apply and quite long lasting if I don't eat or drink anything (which is rare for me) and as a bonus, it seems to wear off well- i.e. doesn't leave a patchy mess, so it wont look too horrific if you forget to reapply. There is nice sheen to them when applied- so I definitely don't feel I need a gloss over the top. Basically: I love the formula.

top to bottom: Seductive, Posh, Classy & Gypsy. (no flash)

top to bottom: Seductive, Posh, Classy & Gypsy. (with flash)

Out of the 4 I have, I think Classy is my favorite- for me it's a great 'my-lips-but-better' shade- described as a 'light cool pink' on the e.l.f. website, and is my go-to everyday lip colour. Seductive is a darker and warmer pink shade, but it's still wearable for daytime. Posh and Gypsy are darker shades; Posh is a lovely deep red colour, and Gypsy is a dark pink which has an almost purplish tone to it. For me they are definitely more evening shades- I know a lot of people have no problems wearing bright red everyday- but I'm much less daring!

The packaging is a bit of a problem for me- I don't mind the look of them (I don't generally buy things because the package looks pretty, I buy them for the product!) but the lipstick does not twist right down in the tube, so the tip is poking out when you go to put on the lid and might cause a mess and a dented lipstick.

Twisted all the way down.

Overall, I love these; the colours are great I think they would suit all skin tones (I've tested them all on my more olive-skinned sister) and at £1.50 each, I can overlook the slight issue with the packaging- I'll just be more careful! I think I'm going to get Voodoo- to (almost) complete my collection (I really don't think Fantasy would suit me).

What do you think of the e.l.f. lipsticks?


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