Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Getting your legs ready for summer!

Well as you may know, yesterday was the Summer Solstice but we've not experienced much in the way of summer yet in England- looking out of my window today shows me grey clouds, with zero blue sky on show. Nevertheless, I decided that I needed to at least pretend it's summer, and give my legs some attention (they've been in hiding since December- and only then because I was in New Zealand in November, normally my legs are covered from mid-September!) so they are ready for some summery skirts and dresses :) Here are some of my must-have summer legs products.

I started off by showering with a moisturising body wash, I love Dove (see my my review) but whatever works for you, it's also great to use exfoliating gloves or a body puff to help with dry patches (paying particular attention to the knees and ankles, where dry is skin is more common) I also like to use a separate exfoliater- perhaps once a week- such as the St. Ives apricot scrub (and I'm looking forward to trying out a make-your-own recipe soon- stay tuned for my review)

Since last summer I've used an epilator (it took me a while to pluck up the courage, but I'm very glad I did) which I find gives me the best results for long lasting hair free legs (I epilated last week, and my legs are still hair free enough to expose them) though whichever hair-removal method you like will undoubtedly dry out your legs- so a good moisturiser is essential, I love the Body Shops Body Butters for this because they are so rich. Whatever you choose, be careful of using heavily fragranced products as your skin may be more sensitive than usual.

I'm a firm believer in tanning moisturisers as well- these aren't great for using straight after epilators etc., but I tend to apply them every evening before I get into bed; and then once every other day/every 3 days once a colour has built up. I'm rather scared of fake tan for fear of turning orange (I've been to a lot of dance shows and competitions where people are seriously tangoed, and it's out me right off), but I find that tanning moisturisers build up colour slowly enough that you can control when you've reached your ideal colour, and maintain that until you (hopefully) get some real tan. I highly recommend Johnson's Holiday Skin (I use fair to medium)

What are your favorite summer body products?


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