Saturday, 25 June 2011

Review: Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat!

The Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat is (in my opinion) the perfect sparkly polish- it gives a really lovely shimmery sheen on the nails, and it doesn't have chunky glitters in- which is a HUGE bonus for me as I have texture issues (the feel of glitter polishes often affects me in the same way nails down a chalkboard does- ick, and texture is usually the reason I won't like a food) Best of all, it takes just one coat, and as well as looking great over polishes, I really love it on its own for a fairly subtle shimmer. It works well as a topcoat to make your polish last longer too- when I do just my ring finger I notice it's always the last to chip (though perhaps my ring finger is less likely to chip anyway, I'm not 100% sure).

What the bottle starts off looking like.

And what my bottle looks like after lots of wear and tear-
 this shows the sparkle nicely though :) 

As you can see I've not used up much polish, even though I use it regularly and I've had it probably over 2 years now. The formula hasn't deteriorated at all, and is just as easy to apply as when I first purchased :) I got mine from Boots for £2 and you can also get it Superdrug and larger supermarkets.

Here's how it actually looks on my nails:

And over e.l.f. Smokey Brown
(as seen in my recent NOTD)

I really, really recommend this polish :) Whats your favorite sparkle or glitter polish?


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