Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Review: 17 Lash Defining Mascara

As promised in my last post here is a more in depth review on the 17 lash defining mascara. I have the black/brown colour; I'm pretty pale and I think black looks too harsh against my skin, so I think the black/brown shade suits me a lot more (whilst still providing the bleached tips of my lashes with the colour they need to look longer)

I was rather lucky and got a £3 off 17 voucher through the advantage card kiosk (top tip: Always, always use these on your way into the store, I've found some great deals) so I got the mascara for £2.29- bargain! (rrp £5.29) you can check it out on the boots website too.

The formula is pretty good, perhaps a little liquidy for my liking as it does take a couple of  minutes to dry. However, once it is dry, it wont budge, smudge or flake until removed (although it's not advertised as waterproof/resistant it holds up to water very well, and eye make up remover is needed) I've worn this for over 16 hours without any problems.

The brush is of the rubbery variety; I've never used one before so it did take a little while to get used to, but now I've got the hang of it a little better I rather like it; the brush coats my lashes evenly and because it's quite a slim brush, it's easy to get mascara right into the roots, and over the bottom lashes without getting it all over my skin. My one problem is that, because the bristles (are they still bristles if they're rubbery?) are short, I can sometimes get the wand too close to my lashes and end up with a little clumping. Though after brushing through the lashes with an old mascara wand (which I always do with any mascara) the small clumps are very easily removed.

This mascara does exactly what it says on the tin; adding definition and coating my paler lashes to provide even colour- perfect for me as an everyday mascara and for a great price: Conclusion: I love it :)


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