Saturday, 25 June 2011

Top Tip: Getting the most out of your products.

I absolutely hate it when you cant squeeze any more product out of a tube, but you can tell there's something there! So I've developed a 'method' (I'm not sure it's complicated enough to be an actual method, but for want of a better word...) to get the most out I possibly can.

Start out with a small, empty bottle (sample bottles and gift set bottles are great, mine is from a Body Shop Gift set) and your product (this is John Freida Sheer Blonde, go blonder shampoo)

Decant as much as you can into the bottle, then snip off the top- look how much is left in there!

Use your fingers to scoop the rest of the product into your little bottle; I usually snip off another section of the tube to get to the bottom properly.

And you're left with a bottle of shampoo (this is almost 50ml) that you might've accidentally thrown away! (plus a big plasticy mess) I now do this with pretty mcuh anything that comes in a tube- particularly when its a product that is likely to stick to the sides of the tube.

What are your top tips for getting as much use as possible out of your products?


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