Monday, 20 June 2011

Review: Loreal Paris, Studio Hot Straight Thermo-Straigtening Spray.

I used this this morning and I realised that I've not seen much coverage of this lovely product- I think it deserves a review!

I'm not a massive hair product user- unlike my skin, my hair can get rather oily, and because it's blonde and very fine, if I put too many products in my hair it can look greasy and dull pretty fast, as well as getting weighed down and lank-looking. I also don't regularly condition my hair; I know for some people that is practically a hanging offense, but for me it's usually an unecessary step. I'm generally quite laid back with my hair- I shampoo it, towel dry, apply this straigtening/ heat protectant spray and blow dry.

I picked this up a while ago, when I found it on special offer for £2 a while ago (normal price £3.56 for 200ml at Superdrug, and some supermarkets) and I was enticed because it is formulated for fine hair- something I'd not seen before (though I'm sure there are plenty of other options out there).

The packaging is nice, there is a good spray top which produces a very fine mist- perfect to get it evenly distributed on my hair, plus, what girl doesn't love a hot pink bottle? It also has a rather lovely scent- a typical 'salon' smell if you know what I mean, but it doesn't smell strongly once it's on the hair (which I like, because it leaves my hair smelling like my shampoo).

The product itself is great, it really lives up to  my hopes of it protecting my hair whilst I blow-dry as well as leaving my hair silky smooth, and not weighing it down. I apply it to towel-dried hair, brush it through then blow-dry. The instructions on the bottle recommend 15-18 sprays for long/very long hair (8-10 for short hair)- but although my hair is rather long, probably just past elbow length, I usually only need about 4/5 sprays to cover my hair thoroughly (but I do only apply it to the ponytail section of my hair, so perhaps that makes a lot of difference.)

This has lasted really well, I've had it over a year now, and despite using it about 3 times a week for a year (I wash my hair every other day) I've only used up about an inch/inch and half of product- I think this bottle will last me years!

Absolutely love this, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has a similar hair type :) What is your favorite heat protectant?



  1. Thank you for this review! :) I have thin straight hair and I am DEFINITELY going to try this out! I really hope its available here in Singapore.. Thanks again! =D

    1. My pleasure, I'm so glad it was useful for you :) I hope you find it and that it works for you (I'm sure it will!)


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