Thursday, 23 June 2011

A series of bizarre events...

Over the last week I seem to have seen and done some rather strange things- much more than usual- so I thought I'd share :)

When I was in boots I saw 3 policemen in full uniform, having a very serious and  in-depth conversation about which sandwich to get, and if they should get a meal-deal. There were 2 police cars parked outside, on a pedestrianised road, so they were definitely taking advantage of their parking privileges to get lunch!

I heard a helicopter practically circling my house, and thought I was going totally mad (or had sudden tinnitus) until I actually saw it 10 minutes later.

I bounced on our trampoline wearing my wellies, and holding a broom (in my defense I needed to clean the trampoline with the broom- then I got excited and started jumping around with it still in my hand!)

I saw a fire engine, ambulance and police car driving down the road in a nice, height ordered, line yesterday- if it weren't for all the noise (all of them had their sirens on) I would've thought I were dreaming!

I rifled through my own recycling box, in the middle of my street in the dark and the pouring rain (to find a dry newspaper so I could clean out our hamster)

A double decker bus broke down right in front of my house, which I didn't notice until I looked out my window and saw crowds of people in the street!

What random things have seen or done recently?


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