Sunday, 26 June 2011

Review: e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner (Coffee and Gunmetal)

I held off buying these for quite a long time because I'm not that good at applying liquid eyeliner, but my sister got the black Cream Eyeliner, and after trying it out, I was kicking myself wondering why I took so long to make an order! (and of course, I had to order some other things too!)

Coffee and Gumetal.

I got Coffee and Gunmetal, and I am VERY pleased with them both. You get 4.7g of product, as well as a mini brush for £3.50 (and I managed to get mine at 20% off- total bargain!) from the e.l.f. website, and it's available in several other shades.As you can see, I seem to have an extra full Gunmetal pot- score! Both shades are very long-lasting, they hold up to both smudging and water very well, but it is easily removed with eye make up remover.

Coffee (apologies for the huge shadow, but the lighting is mad today,
and this picture really does give an accurate colour representation)


Coffee is a matte, deep esspresso colour, and is highly pigmented. I only need one brushstroke to get a full, clean line on my lid. I really love this shade- as you can see I've made quite a dent in it over the last two weeks, and it's fast become an absolute must-have for me.

Gunmetal is a steely grey colour with mulitcoloured shimmers (very tiny particles), I don't think it's as pigmented as Coffee (or the Black, which is my sisters) and I often need to go over parts on my lid to get a consistant line. The shimmers in this eyeliner are great; because it has tiny particles theres no problems with chunky glitter, and the overall effect is of a lovely metallic sheen. Again, I love this, and it's already a firm favorite.

Coffee, and Gunmetal (swatched on my sisters hand!)
The mini brush that comes with each liner is brilliant, because it's so short I feel like I have a lot of control, and the angled shape of the brush makes applying the eyeliner rather easy (even I can do it, and I'm useless at liquid liner)

Bottom line- love it! Definitely worth £3.50, they're well pigmented, long-lasting and super easy to apply. For £3.50, it's basically rude not to!

What are your thoughts on the e.l.f. Cream Eyeliners- do you have any of the other shades?



  1. Ais this really waterproof, not smudge?

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