Thursday, 30 June 2011

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo.

I woke up today with a bad hair day- because I have very fine, blonde hair, it is very noticeable when my hair is greasy; it looks darker and hangs limp- definitely not my best look... but fortunately my trusty Batiste was there to rescue me from the kind of grumpy mood brought on by having rubbish hair. With the festival season well and truly upon us, I thought I'd share my enthusiasm for what I think is a camping (and everyday) essential.

If you've been living under a rock for several years, Batiste is an aerosolised dry shampoo which promises to 'revitalise greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes' and to 'instantly leave hair feeling clean, full of body and smelling beautiful', and I have to say I think it really does live up to those claims.

Batiste in Tropical and Blush.

To use just spray the product into your roots; then massage it in and brush out your hair- it's very simple and easy to use whilst camping (which I can definitely vouch for- I've used it in tents many times) and on the go. The spray nozzle is good as it produces a fine, precisely directed mist- just what you need for an even coverage exactly where you want it.

I find that a little product goes a long way, and only a couple of sprays are needed to deal with greasiness at my roots, and add extra volume to my hair to counteract the limp appearance, so even a 50ml bottle will last a long time. I often use Batiste to help style my hair (my hair is very fine so it hates being 'told what to do' and won't stay up or in curls for long without serious help) as it adds texture- particularly useful when you have clean hair.

Batiste comes in lots of different scents- my personal favourite is Tropical, but there is also Original, Blush, Diva, Boho as well as Fresh and Brit (marketed as unisex fragrances), Gold and Silver Shimmer, and coloured sprays (Light, Medium and Dark) which are supposed to eliminate the white powdery colour that can be left on your hair. Nude is a powder in a squeezey tube- the eco-friendly choice; no aerosol, natural ingredients etc. I'd like to try this to see if the powder will be as effective as the spray (let me know if you've tried it) I'm also looking forward to trying XXL volume, which sounds perfect for my hair type, and is due to hit shelves any time soon :)

You can get Batiste in 50 or 150ml bottles, for between £1.50 and £3.50 (depending on fragrance and size) from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets. In my opinion they are a MUST HAVE product, they are great for between washes, as well as adding volume and texture- and you certainly can't fault the price

What are your thoughts on dry shampoos? Do you rely on them as much as I do?


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